Thank you, SilverGenes

When your work is viewed by many and accolades and comments are received, a writer/poet is very thankful for them. In my case I am so pleased to have received a few and gathered a group of followers from various places, many who have now become friends. We learn from each other and support each other. One such person is Alexandra Lucas, also known as SilverGenes. She is a very talented writer, photographer, and computer guru.

Alex200Alex saw my creativity as a poet and offered to design this website for me and I took her up on it. She is very fair in her prices and I must say kept me informed throughout the creation. I can’t say enough about her work and would recommend her many talents to anyone who wants perfection from a web designer. Today Apr 14th is the launch day and I look forward to meeting many of my friends and new ones stop by for a visit.

The Gazebo will be open and the air very fresh with the perfume of Lavender surrounding us as we converse about poetry and other artistic themes. I will add work to The Library from time to time and also be placing my books in the Shoppe for those of you who may want to download for reading. My Scribbles will be daily as I wander the streets, shops, theatres and ghost haunts of my fair city. My Muse will always be walking beside me with encouragement and inspirations for me to pen and share here. So without further adieu I bid you welcome to the new home of Vincent Moore.


Thank you, SilverGenes — 10 Comments

    • Yes I to applaud Alexandra for the fine work she masterfully did on this site. I couldn’t have done it by myself, I am not tecky savvy at all. She did all the work and I certainly am the benefactor of her brilliant talents.

  1. What a good friend you have in Alexandra. This site is beautiful. I am looking forward to reading your workhere as well as Poetry in Motion.

  2. Thank you Dim for your constant support, yes Alex is a wonderful person and brilliant editor and publisher and designer of websites. I am very pleased with what she did for me here.

  3. This is indeed a great sight – I am hoping to see more and more from you my friend – I love your musings!

    • Thank you Laurie for the visit and loving my musings. Yes indeed Silvergenes put her great talent to work with this site of mine. I am so thankful to her.

  4. Hello Vincent. I came here via your farewell Hub. I am glad that Alexandra HAS BUILT YOU A TREE HOUSE. As a boy, I wanted a tree house but we didn’t have a tree. LOL. That is my only youthful deprivation unlike your own urban youth. Despite the success of my own Irish immigrant parents, my addictions brought me to all of the dark places which your poetry describes. I am a fan and friend for life whatever your location. When Ralwus left Hub Pages, there was a void left which remains unfilled. They broke the mold after he was created. One of my Hubs spoke to my frustration with Hub Pages after his departure. You may reach me at any time at, my text marketing business or call (646) 291-2212. I may contact you down the road for help publishing my own poetry.
    You will be missed at Hub Pages by many but I have been redirected here and will come hang out at your tree house from time to time. We are also connected at Google Plus. I don’t do Facebook. All the best. Gerry (a/k/a sligobay).

    • Yes a tree house indeed and the branches keep growing and friends from afar keep appearing like yourself. I am so happy you have arrived to play with me in my tree house Gerry:-) I agree despite the fact that our great leader and friend Rawlus left the Hubs we carried on, I still read his work as it appears on FB that is the only place from time to time he hangs out and leaves a few crumbs for us followers to find him now and then. He has his own struggle with survival and chose not to abide in the house of Hubs as you are aware and wrote about in one of your wonderful hubs. He is definitely missed by many, it was he who found my quill for me, I never wrote a lick of poetry until I came to the Hubs and stumbled upon his poetry and I was hooked. I haven’t stopped bleeding my ink onto my pages since. Thank you Gerry for considering me a fan, I am one of yours as well, you are a brilliant poet and creative writer and I am pleased to have met you at the Hubs and we are still together even now. I will save your email address and numbers. Most certainly Gerry if you ever decide to publish your poetry I will help out, for one, I would refer you to Alexandra Lucas who is my close friend, editor, book cover designer and publisher all rolled into one. She I know would be delighted to work with you when your ready to do so. I look forward to you stopping by now and then and leaving your fine words on any of my works and I will do the same for you at the Hubs. I still intend to stop in from time to time and pay a visit on authors I follow and you my friend have always been up there with many of them. So lets keep in touch my friend on here and Google plus. Many blessings I send to you this fine day Gerry from the Canadian Prairies.

      • Hello Ken. Please visit Arb at Chapter 16 of the Journey. We are considering a small anniversary reunion for the Journey and would love feedback from you and Alexandra. I am rereading The Journey from back to front to celebrate the anniversary of our collaboration. Thanks for the prompt reply and update on Ralwus. Please convey my regards to him as I don’t do fb. All the best, sligobay

        • Yes I will convey my regards to Rawlus from you Gerry. I will also pay a visit to Arb’s Chapter 16 although I am concerned that in light of the decline in readership at the Hubs and the amount of work we all put into these featured chapters and not really receiving as much feedback as we expected I am a little doubtful whether I will join in, I have removed all but 4 hubs from their site, leaving my Chapter 3 as one of them, only because of all the links to other fine writers who collaborated back then. But yes my friend I will go have a read. Thank you for the update.