Dad and Me

image1 (2)Its was the summer of 1973 when a year earlier I was still in Montreal. I hadn’t seen my father since I was 10 yrs old and I was anxious to finally meet him again and spend some quality time together. Well we found that quality time in a working/fishing trip to the great northern lakes of Manitoba Canada. A province at the time that boasted friendly Manitoba on their license plates and the land of 100,000 lakes, well guess what? they were correct. My dad was a chef and invited by a resort owner to come up and cook for a group of top American executives who were coming up to fish. He brought me along, we flew first in a DC3 and then a water plane to reach the beautiful resort. I was given the task of seeing to it that the guests were served from the tackle and smoke shop I ran, I also performed other duties like unloading the planes that came in with supplies. Needless to say when I wasn’t working I was fishing. The lake was crystal clear and I could see the walleye and Jack fish swimming toward my jigs and eventually to my frying pan. Oh those were wonderful days and nights I spent with my Dad. It took us almost 13 yrs to meet again, but when we did there were times we had together that I will never forget RIP dad you lived a rough life, hopefully crossing over to the other side was easier for you.


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    • Thank you Susan it was a special time we shared after being estranged for so long.

  1. I’ll echo what Susan said. Even though there were so many years in between meetings, I’m glad you were able to spend time with your dad and make those memories.

    • Thank you Victoria, so nice to see you here. Yes quality was important not so much quantity. I got to spend almost 20 more years with to make up for the times I lost with him as a boy, he left me when I was 10 yrs old and we met again when I was 23.

  2. Oh Vincent, I see a much more handsome ” you” in your Daddy…and I am also glad you were reunited, able to spend some quality time with him after so many years. Thank you for sharing this special memory. Hugs, Maria

  3. Yes my Dad was a handsome burly dude. I get some of my looks from him for sure and of course of my sweet departed mother. Yes being reunited by going on a fishing working trip together was wonderful. We had a great time of bonding agian. I was happy to finally share some great times over the last 25 years of his life.

  4. What a joy to share your great memories of bonding with your dad after too long an interval! Gives hope that interrupted relationships might sometime reunite when ‘ready’. Very well presented, too!

    Hugs ~

  5. Yes Nellieanna he was one of the reasons I left Montreal. We met and got along well and were able to share for many years after that. I truly believe he felt forgiven when he left our earth, his family certainly came back to him and showed him love. i was the little boy found. Hugs

  6. May those memories be a comfort, my friend! Cherish them for their true worth is priceless beyond all reckoning Vincent! Those are memories that i share with my son, Joe ! I didn’t get to share them with my father! There just never was enough time for that I’m sorry to say!

    • Yes my friend I definitely cherish them, being alone with him in the north country fishing, brought us closer indeed. We adjusted to one another, I understood him and he quietly found the son he had left behind many years before, no longer a boy but a man. The last 25 years of his life I enjoyed whenever we met. He left a very sick man, but he at least had quantity of life in those years. Thank you for your wise words and I am thanful that you and Joe are close, keep that way and share your knowledge. I am doing so with my 19 yr old son Matt, when he gets around to coming for a visit that is:-)) Peace and blessings I send to you and yours this eve.

    • Thank you Dim, nice to see you here. Yes I was very happy to had finally met up with my Dad again after our absence of almost 15 years.

    • Thank you Dim, it was long in coming, but we finally met and were able to talk about the past and move forward.

  7. I’m very glad for you that you were able to make a connection with your father again. My step-father died of an overdose and me and my real father are still estranged, but I have seen other family members change and we have bonded. I have learned to take the good and leave the bad on the doorstep. It doesn’t cause me bitterness that way.

    • Wayne I am sorry to read of your estrangement from your real dad and sad to read of a step-father who chose the wrong path. It took a very long time for me and my real father to meet up again, he left me when I was but 10 years old, went off to prison for some time. We reunited when he was released and attempted to pick up the pieces, it was quite difficult at first, but over time we found some common ground. The apple hasn’t fallen quite far from the tree however as I too am estranged from 3 of my 4 children, I lost their love when I divorced their mother and she assured me I would pay a heavy price and to this day I am paying dearly. However all is not lost, I have the support and LOVE from my 18 yr old son Matt who stands strong with his dad. I pray that my legacy of work will reach all of them after I’m gone my friend, that is the hope I pray for from deep within my soul. Peace and blessings to you I send this day my fellow artist of paint, music and words.

  8. Hello Vincent. Your memories of the fishing resort days with your Dad are beautiful. I have similar fond memories of trout fishing together in Ireland on Lough Talt where he was born and raised. Thank you for reminding me of my own joyous memories. sligobay

    • Oh yes Gerry that two weeks at the fishing lodge left us both with some fond memories together. I wish he had given me of his love and time when I was a boy, but he was too busy drinking, gambling, fighting and spending time in jails. It wasn’t till his later life and mine that we met and were able to share some of the lost time together. We did so for a few years before his passing. It must have been wonderful trout fishing, I use to go into the forest, brook trout fishing and I remember how tasty they were fried over an open flame.