My Early Years


I remember very clearly like it was yesterday being given my first box of oil paints. With much enthusiasm I opened it to discover paints, oil, brushes, eraser, sharpeners, charcoal and other colorful things. Along with it came an easel to rest my canvas on while the white square awaited my gentle touch. I remember staring into all this white space and wondering how to delicately add color to it that would make any sense? How, where and from whom would I receive my inspirations from?

It didn’t take very long for me to start laying some oils to the canvas in front of me, and as I proceeded to lay it down, the smell of the oil and paint mixed together stirred something within me to practice and practice some more, and that I did. For weeks, months and even a few years I was inspired to take art classes at the local art gallery, study the nudes and other still life for technique.

Here I am going to share some of those early drawings sketched in charcoal and pastels. You will see a young man Ken M Snowdon; aka Vincent Moore attempt to lose himself in his art in his teen years.


My Early Years — 6 Comments

    • Oh I thought I would pull my old art case out and low and behold look what I’ve found. So I used my trusty cell phone camera to capture and share, only I decided to add verse to them, what inspired me at the time to capture those images in oil and chalk? I’m happy that you like them, I was simply amateur being taught by teachers at the Art Gallery of Montreal and my own imaginations. Hugs

  1. Art has been one of my artistic and creative escapes as well Ken. I have always given my artwork away or lost it in my travels. I always love to lose myself in the detail of perspective. Your own efforts are quite good. Stay well. sligobay

    • Thank you Gerry, my art was done at an early age, I laid the brushes and pens down for many years and am now just considering given it a go once more. I had fun as a teen creating with oils, pastels and chalk. I particularly liked the nudes, wonder why? lol Well Gerry it appears you enjoyed it too, giving stuff away or losing stuff was all part of my travels through life, I still lose and give things away.

  2. Vincent – I can’t wait to catch up here ! Your friend ed fisher -Ahorseback !….Awesome work my friend , your a gifted ,gifted man my friend !

    • Ed Fisher aka Ahorseback, so nice to see you here. I am not spending much time at the Hubs but I can’t forget my favorite poets and you my friend are certainly one that stands among the rest. I must come by and read your work, we did comment much on each others work, your gifts as well are god given and I was blessed to find your work. I shall be by soon.