Shades of Black and Gray

WP_000312I wondered as I drew these two

embraced and coiled so close together.

The tenderness and emotion of love

each identified within the spectrum

of their twists and turns of fate

that led them  to each others arms.

Their colors didn’t matter to them

back then so why should it matter

to the world surrounding their

loyalty and love for one another.

They laughed and cried as did

all young lovers, they were alive,

spontaneous to each touch,

each kiss, and each hug.

Oh those days of youth when

one was exploring so delicately

with his surroundings, the streets,

the clubs and smokey bars of


He ventured into adventures

of the heart and sensitivities that

kept him bound within, afraid to

let loose, afraid that the world

would scorn and scoff at his desires

as an artist chasing his dreams.

Finally to be set free, to express,

to be inspired and hide no more

from the demons that bound him

way back then.

His colors are still gray and

black with an added touch of blue.


Vincent Moore May 2013


Shades of Black and Gray — 10 Comments

  1. Completely beautiful, your words I always treasure. I am so pleased that I have tracked you down my wonderful Shakespeare. Lots of love, Acaetnna xx

    • Oh my, how wonderful to have you here Acaetnna, I miss you and your exquisite and loving poetry. I know you found the right man and you are so in love, it always shows in your beautiful work. I thank you sweetheart for finding me and hope you will come back time and time again. I am not at the Hubs often now and have removed most of my work, too many issues going on there and many of my closer friends have departed, however we find each other on FB and keep in touch with each others work. So please keep in touch and I will with you. Hugs xoxo

    • Yes they did, memories are what keeps most of us alive, thankfully we have plenty of them stored in our grey matter banks, that is until they get stolen from us by dementia.

  2. How wonderful to see your words once again Vincent! The shades of blue are touching heart, mind and soul. This has a wonderful reminiscent resonance to it…takes me back there to those very same feelings and desires that inspired me to chase after those dreams and aspirations with undying focus.

    • Thank you Don, I could remember creating this piece in my room, at the time I was a young man going through many changes. I was torn between a number of choices, the fork in my road eventually turned for the better. I set my course for greener pastures and dreams, I met a few of them and learned through some very hard knocks with others. I am now content with my life and I live each day accordingly.

  3. Vincent I’m not quite sure how I came to find you. So happy that I have. Really enjoying your poem and will read more.
    Hope you had a wonderful holiday and wish you the best of 2017.

    • Well thank you for stumbling upon me Sharron, much appreciated. Hope you enjoy my work and respond. Yes I had a wonderfully quiet Christmas and holiday. I too wish you all the best for 2017. Happy New Year Sharron.