Her Looks

WP_000310She had it with her subtle colors,

brown skin, such beauty, blue eyes

reflecting the green of her ribbon


Yes she had the look of concern,

pursed lips, a girl, a model with


The art instructor chose her well

as the subject of colors reflections

I the amateur student tried to capture

her mood.


Vincent Moore  May 2013


Her Looks — 17 Comments

  1. Vincent, you paint as well…you are a Renaissance man, laced with plenty of cowboy!
    Cool poem… Hugs, Maria

    • Ha, ha that was then, now I’m a simple poet. I just dug up some old drawings and sketches I did when I was a teen. I was a budding young artist, but got sidetracked by life, girls, hockey and survival. I’m looking at giving it a try again, I’ve set up my easel as inspiration. LoL

  2. I like the simplicity and directness of the poem. And I like the painting, even if it was a product of your youth. Hope all is well.

    • Thank you Theresa for your visit and comment. Yes it was a product of my youth, I didn’t do anything further with my art lessons, went off in a different direction and here I am posting some of them at my poetry site.

    • Yes another of my drawings pulled from my dusty portfolio of early drawings when I was but a teen. lol

    • Aw thank you dear poet, old drawings from the past I pulled out of a portfolio to share.

  3. Thanks for posting this, Vincent. There is a wonderful story behind this. The painting is delightful. The woman’s expression is very interesting. How did I miss that you are also a painter of talent as well as a poet and writer! There are many wonderful sides to you! Remind me to keep you in mind if i ever need art done for a book cover or artwork of some kind! Two thumbs up!


    • Well hello dear Cassy so nice to see you here. I am a painter from the past, many many years ago when I was a teen, I studied the arts. However other interests diverted my talent, I wish I had kept it up. 40 years have passed, I stumbled upon my old portfolio of paintings and pics and thought I would share some of them at my site, happy you like this one. I am stirred and inspired now, so I pulled out my paint box and set up my easel to see if the inspiration will come back. I doubt I can be worthy to the canvas though, but I may give it a go. Thank you for your fine words, a book cover? Moi? no way, I could not do that. lol Hugs

  4. I love the emotion in her face…she looks like she is pondering deeply or listening to something that has caught her attention. Very good illustrating I am glad you are drawing again. I too love drawing, it is a nice transition between writing and drawing When the inspiration for one is sleeping, the other may be awake:)…Enjoyed the poem too! 🙂

    • This was a model sitting in a chair at the Montreal Museum Art Gallery, I was simply one of the students who were asked to try to capture her LOOK I think I managed to do that, the rest if amateurish, however I learned more each time I went. Yes its nice to lay the pen aside at times and pick up the brush to receive a different form of inspiration. My oil box is out, my easel is up and my brushes and chalks await me, after almost 40 yrs, I may be up for the challenge. LoL

  5. OK then! wondering if she had to take her clothes off? LOL..i know a nude artists model and that’s all she ever says: i’m a nude artist’s model..or is it an artist’s nude model.
    whicheva’ – she’s one of them and – she ain’t shy about it…haha

    • Well this model I’m sure posed clothed or nude, in this case she was dressed, even with a bonnet on:-)

  6. Vincent, I was unaware of your art. The girl is beautiful. The colors you chose are perfect. I wish you’d shared this artistic side on HP..Loved your poetry…

  7. Oh thank you Ruby, I just discovered this portfolio a few weeks ago in among some storage and brought them out. Yes I had some talent back then, its faded now, but wanted to share what talent I did have when I was a teen. Thank you again for your lovely comment, much appreciated.

  8. Alas Vincent, you maybe absentmindedly kept your paintings from youth. Mine I either sold or gave away including scuptures. It makes me sad to think I have only memories reflecting in dreams now. You have captured yours here quite well…….Ah, I was asked late in life to pose for a gallery photographer, these I have copy’s of, and glad I kept them reminding me the shyness of youth prevented such freedom.

    • Rachelgrace, I’m sorry to read, that you’ve lost your works. I only found mine in a portfolio, found buried away in my stuff. I see you are a model? shy indeed, yet they had to put food on their table or pay their dues through universities. I actually admired them as I sketched. I often wondered went through their minds when I shaped their figures on my tablet. Thank you for stopping in for a read. Much appreciated.