WP_000313Brave, unafraid, determined as he stares down his bull

crimson is the tip of the sword, dripping as the crowds cheer.

Black as thunder, eyes on fire with rage, red is his tongue

as it spits out saliva with wrath.

Nostrils flared, sweat and steam joined,

this locomotive kicks up dust as he charges to his death.

The audience is quieted, the matador stands proud,

undaunted he crosses his heart with his sword,

and salutes his foe with a bow.


Vincent Moore: May 2013


Matador — 5 Comments

  1. Bravo to the poet! Love that drawing. You are a true artist and poet so you actually have the best of these two creative worlds. You can paint with you words and get it on paper too.

    • Well let’s remember these drawings were done almost 35 years ago by me, the poetry is recent 2010. Before that I never wrote a lick of poetry. Painting and drawing I enjoyed trying when I was a teen and young adult. Thank you for your compliments though Rasma, much appreciated.

    • Oh Thank you Kim, these are drawings and sketches from many years ago, when I was motivated as a young budding artist, I haven’t picked up a brush or stick of chalk since, I’m thinking of doing so real soon, my easel, paints, canvass and chalk sits ready:-)

      • Please do…;)…maybe you can add another blog to your site featuring your work…I go in spurts with drawing but when I am in the mood to draw..there is nothing more enjoyable…take care my friend.