A Nude in A Chair










Although her back was to me

she hung her body so casually

in that chair.

I sat at my easel pondering

a nude in a chair? hiding her

beauty in front of her hair.

Yet to her being bare no

matter where, a chair was

as exciting a place to expose

and entice this artist behind

her chair.


Vincent Moore  June 2013


A Nude in A Chair — 14 Comments

    • Yes she was enticing even with her back to me the artist. I enjoyed those art classes with nudes:-) So nice to see you here Martie, I hope all is going well for you and yours. Hugs

    • Glad to read you’ve been there too Rolly. I remember it being a fun time and learned a lot too.

    • Yes I would definitely agree with that thought Rasma as they do inspire an artists hands.

    • Ruby my dear friend and fellow poet I am so happy to see you here reading my work. You have always explored my work and left me inspired comments as I have with your work. I will be by the hubs from time to time to read and leave my words against yours. Hugs and thanks again for still following me.

  1. Love your poetry and your art. Keep up the great work! Have you considered joining See.Me Gallery to show your work? I don’t know details, but, my grandson, our family photographer, was asked to join, so he was considering it. For a minimal paid annual membership they also promote their art. I went to their website and read a little about them. They actually have an art gallery in NYC. Good luck to you.

    • Oh thank you Sandy for the compliment on my art. These drawings were done over 40 yrs ago when I was a teen. I haven’t picked up a brush or piece of charcoal since. I just put these out here to show some of the talent I started with way back then.