I played the mandolin and our heart strings were

always in tune until the moment we said our last

goodbyes with changes.


You see I took your love for granted and stayed

away too often from the bed we shared together.


Our shoes had lost their shine; they were dulled

by the stomping on each others hearts.


Our dreams fell apart our ship came in but sank

to the bottom of the ocean to rot among the

carnage buried there.


Your beautiful sunflower dress has now faded

with time left hanging in our closet beside my

limp body hanging there.


© Copyright Vincent Moore 2012 All Rights Reserved


Changing — 21 Comments

  1. Thank you Ruby, much appreciate your comment and that my poetry till touches and reaches you. Hugs

  2. I’m a little worried about your limp body hanging there, Vincent. The visual is a bit disturbing! Very graphically rich and intriguing!

  3. Yes it is, however my friend, I was stripped naked of my love for that woman. I’ve never loved again nor doubt I ever will. I hung there like a Judas betrayed.

    • Your welcome and thank you for stopping in for a read Mike. Yes an ex lover indeed, but she left me hanging around for sure.

    • Yes indeed it was truly tragic. I’ve never gotten over the treatment and suicide could have been on his mind.

  4. So much heartache, betrayal and sadness oozing from your words here. Vincent, I’m so sorry this relationship has left you with open bruises. Yet, a beautiful and most passionate poem was created because of it, and that’s a wonderful gift to us, your readers.

    • Welcome my dear Sannel to my little part of our world. Yes heartaches happen to many of us, we move one, we survive to write about them:-) Changes occur and the scars remain. Yet its all part of living on this plane we call earth, all part of the human adventure. Thank you for leaving your footprints here today my dear. Hugs

  5. When we lose love, we lose part of ourselves. Your words express this so beautifully, and hauntingly. I love your poetry, dear Vincent.

    • Oh how so wonderful to see you again Genna East, one of my very favorite lady poets. Your work is always stirring and my restless soul yearns for words from your pen. Yes I do agree, when we love, we most certainly lose a part of ourselves. Thank you Genna for stopping by for a read, I miss you.

      • I’ve been trying to leave comments before, but for some reason, couldn’t do it with AOL as a browser. I tried a new Google link, and it worked. It is wonderful to be able to read your poetry and to leave comments. 🙂 Miss you too.

    • Well thank you very much Veronica for your compliments about my work as always. Hugs

    • Thank you MaryRose for your keen observation, yes indeed my thoughts are full of passion, sadness dwells within my 4 walls.

  6. Very disturbing. . .yet beautiful at the same time. I love reading something that can stir emotions that way.

    • Hello Shannon and welcome. Yes very disturbing indeed, sad and beautiful in a way, heartaches happen and often end with someone getting hurt. Hanging in the closet was an emotional ending, yet sadly it happens.

    • No it isn’t my friend, just when we think our world is doing great, it crumbles all around us. This short verse applies to all the married or otherwise couples who lost their partner for whatever reason and found themselves hung out to dry, limp and lost. It sure is tough at times being human.