Study of a Male Model

WP_000309I remember this study, he was tall, bearded and shy. Although there were other models before him! there was a certain hesitation. I wondered if this was his first time disrobing before students of the art gallery? I felt this aura about him, like he really didn’t want to expose his vitals in front of a crowd. A feeling of pride maybe, or embarrassment of being nude? I realize some do it just for the bit of extra money, just like the pole dancers I’ve seen many times down the hill. Yet this teen drew me into his emotions, I wondered if I too would be withdrawn and deep in thought while undressing before searching eyes? These are just thoughts from one teen to the other before him.


Study of a Male Model — 2 Comments

  1. Try this one: I found I knew two of the art students, both female. One I used to date, the other was the one I broke up with the other one for. Oh the things that were said, and the pictures that were drawn. One never knows how small a campus can become. But I had fun! H

    • Oh I bet you did Harvey, I enjoyed art classes at the gallery, met some interesting fellow artists as well as poets. Yes those girls were tantalizing, they expressed themselves very well in all positions. lol