HubscoreI joined that site back in 2010 with no intentions of becoming a poet. I penned a few short stories hoping for feedback and Critique, to help me grow as a writer. The money was never an issue, I knew going in that unless I wrote a ton of how to do, make, create,apply explain, then I would not make a dime. Through the process as username ” Saddlerider” I discovered a couple of interesting writers who stimulated my senses and encouraged me to give poetry a “Try”.

Well, I penned my first poem ever and called it, “The Abyss” I received some interesting feedback and encouragement to continue to express myself  as a poet. I dug deep within, I went back to my past, my experiences living in a dis-functional household where abuse, booze, fighting and poverty was the order, of pretty well every day. Also once I got started writing, I felt  someone or something near, that moved me to dig deeper and deeper, finding inspiration all around me to cause me to pen the thoughts that hung out there.

I wrote and wrote and wrote, until I found it coming naturally, I built up a following of readers who left many comments on my work. They were truly moved to tears by much of it, I followed many writers as well.  I knew that the name Saddlerider didn’t quite cut it as a poet, I changed it to Vincent Moore, I had to cut most of my work and start over again. My followers were deleted as well, from over 1,000 of them to just under 300.

Through the process I was seeing an exit of many great writers, changes were happening rapidly, Panda created a stir and creative writers/poets knew there wasn’t a place for their work any longer at the Hubs. Articles were the mainstay and I fully understood the direction they were heading in, profit is indeed important for any business. So to build a serious foundation for writers/poets to read and follow my work I would have to build my website and I was able to do that with the help of Alexandra Lucas, aka Silvergenes at the Hubs and of course at her own sites. She was the genius behind editing, publishing my two books of poetry as well as designing and creating Vincent Moore’s website.

Over time I have removed my work from the Hubs. Just recently I decided to finally pull the remaining poetry from the Hubs and place them at Vincent’s new site. I left a couple of articles there to keep my name to comment still on others work. My friendships have been plenty, and fortunately most of them are also on Facebook and still reading my work. I am truly encouraged and deeply inspired by my fellow poets from various blogs, Google+ and other personal websites of published authors. They see merit in my work and help me grow as a poet. I will continue to follow those who read my work, for those are the writers/poets who want to share theirs as well.

I was discouraged to continue placing my work at the Hubs when recently I had placed 10 poems, and within a week, each one had blue down arrows, something I had never met before. I use to keep up a Hub score of between 96 and 100 most consistently. Of course I had over 150 poems and articles there to help boost that score.  So I decided that scores are not important to me, nor are blue down arrows on my work. Thus the transition to my site, where my present work and new, will be published.

My account at the Hubs will still remain, unless they decide to close it out. I have met so many exciting writers over my tenure there that it would be sad to leave them completely. However most of them know where I am and do visit from time to time. I feel I have an extended family from many I have met and still share with today. Every single one of you helped encourage this poet to continue to write my poetry. My success has come from your encouragement and I am truly blessed. I look forward to the continual relationships and sharing of each others work. Thank you all for reading this and staying with this poet on his journey of becoming a better writer.

Vincent Moore 2013


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  1. Hello Vincent..I find we have very much in common when it comes to leaving hubs but the friendships found there are invaluable. I have struggled this past year to keep up and feel bad that I have not been able to be more of a support. I feel like I am getting a second wind and am honored to continue to follow your gifted pen God bless

    • Oh my sweet Kim, no need to feel that way about following my work. I fully understand, many people have dropped out of the Hubs for their own reasons. Yes so true the friendships we’ve gained there are invaluable and I cherish each and every one of you. You have been a follower of my work for some time and have often frequented my writings, leaving encouraging words and I have been blessed by them. I can’t thank you enough dear friend. I pray your struggles will subside and you will be able to find some time to write again. You are a wonderful writer and poet and I enjoy your work. Keep in touch, even if it’s here saying hello and leaving your comments, I appreciate every single one.

  2. Vincent, I appreciate your post concerning Hubpages. I started writing and posting articles, stories and poems there starting in December of last year. I have 29 Hubs published, all of them Featured, for what it is worth. I haven’t made any money to speak of and have made few friends, not for want of trying. Anyway, I have found more of a community on G+ and also have a blog on Blogger. Good luck to you with your writing!

    • Well first off let me congratulate you on having all 29 Hubs feature of the day. They don’t feature poetry so sadly enough mine never hit front page:-) As for sales I had over 150 hubs there at one time, 99% poetry hubs. My grand total when I pulled all my work from there was $59.65 So NO, there is no money in leaving poetry at the Hubs. One has to pen a ton of articles before you see a real dollar. In the past there were a number of writers who made good money there, but ever since Panda they have been swallowed up. As for friends now that was worthy of my time there, I’ve accumulated many friends and followers of my writings and I am very thankful for them all. I am finding that Google+ is coming along nicely and the community is there is one wants to pursue it. I hope to find new talented friends like yourself and follow some of their work. I will be by shortly to view you postings. I too have a blog site at Blogger, but rarely am I in there since this new site here has been developed. Looking forward to reading your work and following you sir.

  3. I still like to hang out at Hubpages but you know I’ll tell you it doesn’t feel the same. I write and post like every other day and my score doesn’t soar. So you are right the heck with the score I’ll hang in there for a while longer. At least i have my blogs too so I have something to fall back on. Enjoy your poetry very much and looking forward to more. Hugs.

    • Oh most definitely my dear poet, hang out there is fine, leave my work there is not:-0 I continue to keep my membership open so I can comment on wonderful work like yours that appears there. You write with so much passion and heart, your words expressive and penetrating. Yes your own blog and website will continue to grow and as it does, more and more friends will find you. I am thankful for friends like you who follow my work and leave such kind reviews. Hugs sweet poet.

  4. This post brought back fond memories of the great pieces that you shared with the great, near great and aspiring poets and writers we all knew on tat site, my friend! I was saddened at the shoddy way that it treated those who didn’t conform to the economic rational by expressing themselves poetically. I, too, miss those days and the people who were empathic, expressive and imaginative with pieces that inspired comments from their fans and friends! I am returning to the land of the living with my various writing efforts and shall once again make the rounds to catch up with my dear friends and peers such as yourself “Vincent!” Thanks for the trip down memory lane, my Dear Friend! Regards Mike Aka Professor M

    • Hello Mike and I’m happy that you are reporting back and as you say, “returning to the land of the living” I miss your work, your talent and gifts as a writer/poet are beyond measure. I enjoyed commenting on your work back in the day when the Hubs were fun to write at. These days, I don’t share the same feelings about HP in fact I detest how Panda is virtually destroying it. Unless your an article writer, a poet is wasting their efforts there. I would sooner place all my work here on my own site to receive the comments I use to receive at the HP. I’m glad this post made you feel a little nostalgic my friend, when you are read to pen again, please stop in and also favor me with a site where I can read your poetry. You and I and Wayne Barrett have many similar memories to share from our youth.Peace and blessings I send to you this day.

  5. I can understand your disappointment at the blue down arrows. I have them, too. Many. But that is no true reflection on the quality of your work. You are as gifted as ever. Hubpages has changed so much since my entry just 2 years ago. My Hub score has fallen to 88 now that I am not actively writing and participating at that site. Even my new WordPress site is pretty dormant, mainly because it is such a job moving all my work over there while I am also packing to move and trying to find a new job and a new place to live. Somehow, that seems to squelch creativity. But I will back, and meanwhile will slowly move things to WordPress while reading your latest and greatest works. I enjoy taking some time out to sit and contemplate your creativity As Always, Amy

    • Thank you Amy for your kind accolades of my work, you too are so talented and I love and adore your writes. I hope soon you get settled and can find the time to organize all your work on WordPress as I am doing with mine. But firs you have to get YOU and yours in order, settled and comfortable before you can focus on your writing. Keeping a roof over your head and food on your table is a priority, I know that, I’ve been there. Your creativity is beyond measure as well, I look so forward to reading more of you once your settled in. Hugs sweet poet.

  6. Wow Vincent, I’ve known you for almost 3 years here online! I definitely remember the Saddlerider days! I never realized that your poetic musings began on HubPages. I thought you were always a poet. Very interesting. Over the years you have invoked many emotions in your readers, including myself. In fact, it was because of you and a few other HP poets that I published some of my own poetry. (No longer on HP; now posted on my blog.) Over the years I have read of your trials and tribulations, your joys and your sorrows. You are very articulate and express yourself very well in your words. I am glad that you will at least keep your account on HP open. Remember, success is not rated on blue arrows and scores; it is based on results. You have attained your goal. Keep it up and never stop. You truly are one of the best.


    • Thank you JSMatthew for your kind words, yes I never wrote a lick of poetry until I joined HP and was inspired by Rawlus aka Charlie Campbell and then Wayne Brown who also was inspired by Rawlus. I am happy to read that I inspired some others and you say including you! wow how interesting. All of my work comes from my past, present and future and the surroundings around me daily.Yes I kept my account at HP and left one article there, the tribute to a fellow writer Dusty Tibbs, who passed over to the other side last year. Him and I had many conversations through emails, a very interesting fellow he was, with a lot to share. I admired his style and the man he was. I realize that the score is not based on those, however I had placed 10 newer works, even though I had many positive comments, every single one of the them had Blue down arrows. There were a few other personal reasons for me trimming back my work and placing at my own site, it all made sense to me and still does. I of course go back into the hubs to read and comment on certain hubbers I follow and who follow me outside of the Hubs. Yes I have attained my goal, I had a huge following at one time and all the numbers and high scores too, but your right scores do not make a poet. I thank you for considering me on of the best, and I respect that and others who are also excellent poets, you sir are one of them too. Peace and blessings I send to you this day.

  7. Hi Vincent, Just a little late but well intentioned…I am also dwindling on the Hub but so excited to be starting my own place as you and so many of my good friends and role models have done so seamlessly. I love your new look by the by…very distinguished but you always have been! Hugs, Maria

    • Thank you Maria for your kindest of words and compliments on my site. I know, many of us have slowed down posting at the Hubs for all our own reasons. I am happy to see that you have also ventured into your own site as well, I shall be by shortly to view and leave comments. Hugs

  8. Good to see you are still riding the rollercoaster, Vincent. Too many brilliant writers and poets simply get off and walk away when things don’t go their way. Your work is meaningful, creating awareness on many levels….

    • Thank you Martie, I find it hard to totally abandon the Hubs, it’s where I got started as a writer/poet. Even though there have been many changes, and its not the most popular site for a poet, I will still visit from time to time and leave comments on my friends hubs.