A New Look


Trying on a new look:

I shaved my head today, never could I imagine myself without hair. When I was a teen, my hair was long and partially down my back, I had mutton-chop sideburns and hung out with hippies. The only bald-headed guys I ever saw were chanting in orange robes and tossing flowers to the onlookers. They were called Harikrishna and rang little bells. Then came yul brynner and Kojak and the look was in, yul was one of the first bald cowboys I ever saw on t.v.

Kojak  was a tough cop, licking a lollipop and saying “who loves ya baby” oh yes bald had arrived, the style picked up and more men and some woman started shaving their hair. I trimmed my locks down considerably, kept long side-burns, but left much on top and the sides. Then along came the 21st century and Aliens were appearing everywhere in sci-fi movies, bald and in various shapes. The egg head, the oblong, the cone-heads. The bald look was cool and in so Vincent decided to give it a try to see how long he could last as a baldy.

So I hope you don’t mind my new look, it’s here to stay for a little while, cool for the summer and easy to take care of, that part I like.


A New Look — 24 Comments

  1. Love it! You had gorgeous hair… but the bald look works for you too! Enjoy the simplicity of it and the bit of relief it will bring you during the warmer days of Summer. 😉

    • Thank you Roxi, at least I know I can grow my hair back again, but yes it is a relief for the hot summer, but the cold weather probably won’t suit it to well. hugs

  2. Vincent your new look is great…of course the smile always is nice too…a very nice look for you.

    • Thank you Kim, it will take a few days to get use to it, never been bald in my life, even as a baby, I had hair. LOL

  3. With a full head of hear dangling to my shoulders, I found it liberating as I quickly wrap it in a ponytail as I emerged from the froth of crashing waves at the Jersey Shore today. You look liberated by your new hairless style Vincent.

    • My friend if the truth be known, I’ve always enjoyed long hair, in my teens it was long enough to wrap in a pony tail, as an adult I kept it groomed for the various positions I held, when I fully retire, which will be in a couple of years, I plan on letting it grow to shoulder length and like you tying it back. The bald look for now is a test for me, plus it helps keep me cooler for the summer months.

    • Well I guess I surprised everyone, ha ha…oh well, a change is as good as a rest sometimes, lets see how long I can keep from growing it all back. lol

    • Thank you Veronica, you are always uplifting and I appreciate that, so far no negatives about my new look have appeared, but heck its a trial, I can always grow it all back, it gives my head a breather too. lol

  4. That’s great Vincent! You look wonderful! I shaved my head 2 months ago for the first time since I was a kid. It’s cool and easy to deal with. Just watch out for sun burn! I think I am ready for another shaving…


    • Thank you JSMatthew for the compliment on my new look, yes bald is in, I look forward to the break in washing, drying and combing my hair, now all I have to do is oil my bald head to keep it from sunburning. LoL

    • Oh my dear Ruby, you are too kind. However I intend on enjoying the coolness until such time as I tire of it, but one never knows the bald look may grow on me. lol

    • Yes I saw that comment in Facebool my dear and that’s one whack of hair this poet will not remove. I am bearded until I expire. LoL

  5. I love your new look. Brings out the handsome in you. Don’t forget to buy a box of Tootsie pops I think that was what Kojak had all the time. Hugs.

    • Whos loves ya baby, as he rolls his Tootsie pop around in his mouth. Thank you for the handsome part, I wondered if going shaved would disturb my looks. I guess not, I’ve had close to 40 comments in FB that I looked okay bald, so that settles it for me, I will remain bald for the summer and she how I feel by the winter, should I let it all grow back or not? That will be the question. HUgs

  6. LOL……Bald, Hairy, curly, straight,……You’re one of those men who looks great in any instance. It’s a shock to the system at first, such a drastic change….but your contagious smile and sparkling eyes continue to say…”Hey, It’s me…your resident Poet!” “Who loves ya, Baby?” We ALL love you, Vincent! Keep it polished!

    • Ah shucks Paula you made me blush, I’m giving it a try for the summer, may grow it all back in the fall and winter, I shall see, or maybe just leave it a dome on top. I’ve been told by many that it doesn’t look half bad on me, so that’s uplifting for sure. Thank you sweetheart for the compliments about my sparkling eyes and smile, even though I’m considered a senior now, they hung with me as did my shadow. Now I just need a lollipop to suck on like Kojak:-)) as for resident poet, Nah, that honor goes to Nellieanna and of course she is much loved and admired by all and most certainly I love her too, she is my Emily Dickinson for sure. I am but a simple poet, not as active as I once was at the Hubs, but still penning and adding to my website from time to time. Hugs