Ghost of Summit Road

file3451241823072My last meeting with an apparition was in Kentucky a few years back. I wrote about it in a Hub and called her The Lady In White.  I penned a poem and titled it “Graveyard of Lost Souls.”  Now a few years have passed and other than the smell of a lavender perfume that drifted by me in my earlier turn of the century home, I have not had any meet or disturbances. Although I penned my last ghostly encounter in my home and called it “Ghost in my house.”

I work swing shifts for a local first responder alarm company. Our job is to be on call for alarms that go off at residential, commercial and Federal Buildings. Most often we are alone on patrol and have designated accounts. We patrol their properties mostly from the exterior, however for some of them we also do an interior patrol, checking certain areas and recording  vital readings of monitored equipment. One of our patrols is a construction company, we have to do 3 exterior patrols of their property between the hours of 2100hrs and 0400hrs seven days a week. One evening last week it was a quite evening so I invited my dispatcher on duty to come for a ride along to help break up the boredom of the dispatch desk, so  he agreed to join me for the ride with the understanding that we would stop off for a coffee on our return back to the office.

It was just going on 15 minutes after midnight when we proceeded up Summit Road. It’s just a 1 kilometer drive to the site, first thing we cross is a set of railroad crossings. With  high-beams on careful not tor run over any rabbits, fox or coyotes we go ahead further up the partial gravel asphalt covered road. Quite often a deer will be standing on the side of the road and immediately moves into the field once the car approaches and the high beam captures its face. On both sides of the road are grain and alfalfa fields, as well as a winding creek. Beyond the road in the distance is the airport and often one can see a jet taking off or coming to a landing. It’s always been a pleasant drive without any incidents, however this night would leave my partner and I scratching our heads in amazement.

On the road there is a small bridge that expands over the creek and not much further from the bridge is the turn off to our patrol site. Just as I was going over the bridge my high beam caught the distinct outline of a woman walking along the side of the road on my driver’s side. Upon approaching her, what caught my eye was that this young woman was dressed in a long summer blue dress, cut off at the shoulders exposing her arms. Her hair was black, short and beautifully groomed. Her profile was that of a pretty caucasian woman looking straight ahead while walking. She was wearing a low heeled shoe and was not carrying any purse or flashlight. She was walking at a slow but steady pace and did not turn her head at all to look at me or my patrol car as we came up beside her and slowly passed. My partner and I immediately felt a cold chill come over us as we both looked stunned into each others faces.

I went ahead and when I arrived at the site, I immediately turned my car around and shone my high-beams directly on the road where she would be passing. She appeared and again did not turn her head towards us. One would think that due to the bright lights of my high beams she would feel uncomfortable and either blink or for that matter look at us. Not at all, she simply continued to walk swinging her arms slightly and looking directly ahead of her as she continued in the pitch darkness of night. My partner suggested that we drive up beside her and ask if she is alright and is there anything we could help her with. My partner’s thoughts were that possibly she was wandering off from a fight with a partner, or maybe she was off her medication and simply walking away from life, quite possibly to commit suicide in the field on either side of her.

My gut feeling told me not to go ahead, but simply let her be and leave Summit Road after our usual patrol of the site. I knew we had one more patrol to do before 0400hrs and would investigate a little further. My dispatcher wanted to come back with me on my last patrol and I agreed to let him come. When we arrived back on Summit road we proceeded further up the road to investigate what may have attracted her to go further. We found no homes on either side of the road, actually there are no residences or businesses beyond our patrol site. It was creepy driving further up the road, we expected to see her again and if so this time we would attempt to talk with her. We found nothing but more of the gravel road and open fields on both side of the road. Leaving Summit road that morning left us both unsettled, when we got back to our office my dispatcher reported what we had seen on the road that evening. The police dispatch simply said thank you for reporting and since there has been no crime committed at this time, there was nothing for them to investigate. To this day we both feel we have seen an apparition, what  do you think?


Ghost of Summit Road


She walks among the sleepless

who forever watch the night,

and tall she stands with a face

of one long gone and dead.


Her stature lonely and slung,

with memories as she looks

into the dark that leads her

through this night.


A profile so pale yet beauty

shines from each side, and

casts a halo all around to

light her path.


How did she die? and was she

dressed this way in pale blue,

the gown she wears this night,

alone and lost or does her

breast ache for the one she

lost or sorrow cast from the

blow she was given so

long ago.


Without a light she doesn’t

need, as slowly she walks this

darkened road, defying the sun

to rise in haste.


How many seasons have come

and gone, or changing scenes

she has seen, as she wanders

eternally through changeless

times since she died.


© Copyright Vincent Moore 2012. All Rights Reserved.




Ghost of Summit Road — 17 Comments

  1. Love, I sometimes feel, is like a ghost, something everyone has heard of but never quite seen; an apparition, a trick of the eye, a trick of the heart, Perhaps the ghost that haunts you is a manifestation of something else that is missing or gone? Sometimes I look in the mirror and think it is someone else and then I look again and it is only me. I love the poem, it has nostalgia without artifice.

    • Ah yes indeed love is fleeting for most of us, like a wisp of air, it lurks and strikes out at us to take in it’s sweet perfumes. Yet deceiving most of us with LUST as it’s first attraction, the physical not the soul within that individual seeking to find true love. Yes Chloe, lost love haunts me always and will up until my last breath taken on this plane of physical existence. However I can savor in my mellowness, how sweet it truly was, I had my fill of lust and love, more lust than love.

      Now in my older age, I long more for the lust than love at times, lust I mean by sensual pleasure of reading, watching and some time participating. Love thyself is also knowing oneself. I often have looked in my mirror remembering the days back then, when what I saw was a boy, teen, man adult still searching for elusive LOVE. I thought I found it on a number of occasions and failed at it miserably, resulting in two broken marriages.

      So this poet remains alone, reflective, pensive, watching, listening to all the sensual and erotic pleasures that surround our world. As for ghosts, I was a skeptic up until 2003 when I met up with my very first apparition on a back road in Kentucky, I have witnessed one other sighting and it’s this one on Summit Road.

  2. According to Buddhist and Hindu world view,death is another beginning. Perhaps she is roaming in the Samsara,the endless cycle of birth and rebirth.

    • I truly believe in the after life my friend, maybe because my heart, mind and soul is OPEN then the spirits abide beside me now and then. I often have felt their presence. I also feel I am but simply on an endless journey, we are all from the past re-cycling over and over again.

  3. Nice work Vincent. I have had my own spectral experiences. Hmm, I wonder if it’s because as a child we lived with a woman who was a practicing Wiccan, and used Ouija boards and held seances?

    • In your case quite possibly, I played around with a Ouija board that scared the hell out of me so I left it alone. My ghostly experiences are few, the one that really confirmed it for me was the up close and personal sighting of The Lady In White in Kentucky.

  4. This is beautiful, Vincent. So tender and poignant. I have never seen an apparition, but your is a beautiful vision. Thanks for sharing this.

    • We can’t say for certain 100% that this was an apparition, but I felt it was and I left her alone to walk her walk, it was a truly gut feeling and I believe it came for a reason, so I did not disturb her in any way.

  5. I don’t believe in ghosts, so my immediate response is ‘You didn’t stop?’ That’s what I think is even more scary. But a great piece Vincent. LOVE the poem. 🙂

    • Well your not alone, there are millions of people who don’t, but for those of us who actually witnessed a sighting, then that’s a completely different story. This ghost I called her on Summit Road is not 100% confirmed, for as you stated “We didn’t stop” therefore there was no disappearance or other manifestation. I know you would have a life changing experience if you stood beside me on the morning I came up close to The Lady In White on a Kentucky back road, I was a skeptic up until then. And I was past 50 years old, so it took a long time for me to meet up with one, I feel it was meant to be. However I thank you for your comment and loving my poem.

  6. Vincent, I remember reading your story on HP at one time, about your encounter with the woman wearing a blue summer dress, and it’s as chilling now as it was then. I do believe we can sense if something is “real” or not. It’s our gut feeling that tells us. I’m sure if it had been a “real” woman walking there, you had stopped. No question about that! Sometimes it’s just better not to disturb what’s better left alone. Your beautiful poem is as haunting and enigmatic as your gripping story, my poetic friend.

    • That’s exactly how I felt at the time, the circumstances were so odd, out of place, a woman walking down a dark, gravel road that leads only further into nothingness, it possessed me not to disturb her. Although of course I am not 100% certain she was an apparition, I certainly don’t discount it. Your right, its better not to disturb. I just had to write a poem about her, after my experience in Kentucky a few years back, I felt this lady was also from the spirit realm. The Lady in White most definitely was as I witnessed.

    • Rachel Adams I couldn’t agree with you more. If I was going to turn this blog into a decent story I would most certainly tighten it up some. I chose to quickly throw it together as a blog, with no intentions of proper paragraph form or structure. I still today wonder if she really was an apparition? My partner and I certainly felt that way when we left the area. Thank you for your kind words and reading of it.