My Three Published Books


My Three Published Books:


I have made my first two books available by digital format at Amazon for the past year. Apart from a number of sales, I am pleased to report that the attention and reviews given to those books has been more than stellar. I never intended to publish them to capitalize financially, I simply wanted my pen name to become more familiar to my readers and followers. I have withdrawn my books from Amazon and made them available in digital format at my website, that is, the first two books “In Absinthia”  and “In Melancholia” My third book is nearly completed and will also be available.


My editor and publisher is presently in the midst of placing them at Blurb for those who may wish to buy them individually or as a set of three. My latest and newest addition is called “In Passionata”  These three books will be available in PRINT format and shipped directly to you from Blurb. I have had requests for print additions and thus the request to my publisher to make them available soon. I’m hoping to see them made available for sale and shipping by the first week of November 2013. All three books can be purchased individually or as a complete set of three.

The books will of course remain available in digital format as well, but only at  my website. The printed versions will ship directly to you from Blurb bookstore.  I’m hoping that some of you will consider purchasing them in the printed version to have them in your possession as a legacy of some of my work I will leave behind. All three books will consist of a total of 60 of my chosen pieces.  I wish to thank you all in advance for your support of my work and truly wish you all the best of success in your own writings.





In Melancholia



My Three Published Books — 12 Comments

  1. Wonderful news…. l can’t wait to hold a copy of In Melancholia in my hands.¬!!!!!!!

    • Thank you Dim, I believe you have it in digital? not sure. However I will have all 3 put together as a package of 3 and they will be comfortably priced. I simply look forward to getting them out there and also having some available in stock.

  2. Oh, Vincent, this is wonderful news, and couldn’t be more deserving of your amazing talent. I will be purchasing them soon! 🙂

    • Oh Genna its so nice to see you here, I wondered where you went? I don’t hang out much at the Hubs and have pulled most of my work from there, however I do stop in from time to time to read others work and pay a visit. You are such a talented writer and poet yourself, and I’ve always appreciated your wonderful comments on my work and style. These 3 books should be available by early November, I will place a posting at the Hubs in my profile as well as on Face book. I certainly appreciate your support and kindness. I am writing not so much for the money as for the recognition of my work and getting it out into our world. Hugs

  3. There is something magical in reading. We read newspapers, magazines, letters – well, we did once. We read stories on Kindle and messages along the sides of buses. We read instructions on food boxes and shampoo bottles. We read subtitles at the movies, the 140 character tweets from Twitter, the FaceBook one word messages of love and despair. In a day words travel from myriad sources from our eyes through the synapses of the mind. But there is nothing like a book. There is nothing like a book.

    • Yes your absolutely correct Chloe, its fine to read them in digital format, but to actually see, feel and hold them in your hands is wonderful. To see them on your own bookshelf, share them with other readers and be able to hand them out at shows, it’s all good:-) I am happy to have published 3 so far and maybe there will be more, depending on my time. Peace and blessings I send to you dear writer, keep it up, I enjoy your work. You are my favorite Erotica scribe.

  4. Hello Vincent, I have enjoyed In Absinthia so much and look forward to the purchasing the second and third. I would love to hold one in my hand, something about a real book to reference and mark pages. Wishing you the very best.

    • Thank you Kimmie, aka Sunnie Day. I thought it was about time I set them to print and with my third one completed, why not make all 3 available in print format. So I’ve gone ahead and approved my editor and publisher to send them off to Blurb, I’ve evaluated Amazon, Lulu and Blurb and found the quality of book much higher at a competitive price at Blurb, thus the place I will have them at. Amazon was a real disappointment for my two ebooks, the sales were not too bad, but they hid a number of them for me and will not acknowledge the fact. I also feel lost in a sea of ebooks at Amazon and our books are lost, surrounded with all their advertising of others books and ads. So I’m looking forward to seeing the results from Blurb. They will have my 3 available there in print format, while the 3 of them will be at my own site in digital format to purchase. Thank you Kim for you support and I know you have a number of books as well on the go, and I wish you much success my talented friend.

  5. The greatest news ever. You are a real inspiration. I am proud to call a creative and fantastic poet friend. Sending you the very best of wishes and may the stars always shine brightly upon you.

    • Well thank you Rasma R for your kindest of words, I am happy to be an inspiration to somebody, I try my best to pen from my soul and reach out and touch another person(s) and I think sometimes I achieve that, and for that I am blessed. I am proud to be called friend and fellow poet by one such as your talent delights us all with. Keep writing my dear friend and we will all keep following. Hugs

  6. Congratulations. You reach one milestone after another. Having your books printed will add so much to the experience, much more so than an eBook. You certainly deserve a great deal of attention as a writer.

    • Mike so nice to see you here, it’s been a long time. I don’t spend near as much time at the Hubs as I use to for various reasons, however I keep writing and spreading my work around various sites and my own here. Well, the first milestone was digital and now the second, along with the addition of my third book “In Passionata” with all 3 going into print will help. I hope these 60 pieces between the 3 books will live on after I’m gone. I particularly want to autograph 3 of them and leave them with my estranged children, so they can really read and see who their daddy was. A misunderstood man for sure, maybe a little too complex for his own good, but a loving caring man who truly loved them. Thank you Mike for your kind words and I hope that my books do receive a little attention. I know you are a brilliant writer and I congratulate you on receiving all the accolades you have on your amazing Emerald Wells and others, you certainly deserve it. I am happy to have met you at the Hubs and I thank you for all the comments you left me on my past work there, much appreciated. I’m also sad to see that Epi has left, he too another misunderstood poet, a genius in his own right. I pray that he is well and making it through his personal ordeals too. Thanks again Mike, blessings and love I truly send you this day.