Three Books of Poetry

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Three Books of Poetry

Well it’s been awhile since posting, and I must say I’m very pleased to announce that my three books of poetry are finally available in print. My latest “In Passionata” is one of them.

Combined I have placed sixty of my most viewed and commented on pieces of poetry. I am happy to be promoting my work at BLURB as I feel they do quality work, and have great service both in performance and delivery. My books can be purchased individually or as a set. I recommend a set, you will save on shipping costs by combining them. It’s the same shipping cost whether you order one or all three, so why not just buy all three and place in your library as a set by author Vincent Moore.

Over the past few years I’ve had many requests from followers and readers of my poetry, “when will they be available in print” and I have stalled until I was really satisfied that my work was worthy enough to do so. My first trial was placing “In Absinthia” and “In Melancholia” in digital Ebook format. I placed them on Amazon and had great results with sales, however Amazon and the author did not see eye to eye with the total amount of sales and the commission part they owed me. So I pulled my books and placed them here on my site in digital format, and have had much success with sales and not having to worry about a third-party making errors.

My books at BLURB will be sold in PRINT only there,  “In Passionata” will be soon added with the other two in digital format for those who wish to buy them for Kindle and other devices that handle digital. I must say, that I am very happy to be presenting them in both formats, to give my reader a choice and different pricing. Of course they will cost a little more to buy them in the printed version, but that is to be expected. I have marked them up very modestly, the shipping cost I have no control over, as BLURB handles the shipping and expenses it out with each purchase.

So my dear friends, I want to thank you all for helping this poet bring his work to publication, your support and dedication has inspired me to write and be creative. I thank you, and my Muse thanks you. I also want to extend a call out to Alexandra Lucas, my editor and publisher. She performed brilliantly in my opinion, of bringing my work to publication, and I can’t thank her enough for that. I highly recommend her services to anyone, she is a perfectionist at her job, and gives excellent service and dedication throughout the process.  Peace and blessings I send to all of you, and wish only the best of health, and good spirit over this Festive Holiday Season.

You can preview “In Passionata” as well as find the link to my store on the Homepage.


Three Books of Poetry — 8 Comments

  1. Thank you so much for the shout-out, Vincent! It was a real pleasure working on them with you and it gave me a chance to really enjoy all your beautiful poetry again. Stunning work!

    • Thank you Alexandra for your kind words, without your help, I could not have possibly completed this. I am not the most technical savvy guy, and you walked me through everything you were doing in your usual professional manner, so thanks again.

    • Thank you Don for your kind wishes, these are my first 3 publications. It’s been an interesting journey from penning my verse to final publishing them in book form. I am excited and looking forward to giving more friends and followers the opportunity now to purchase them in print.

    • Thank you dear Dim, I appreciate your words and endorsement of my gifts. I am so thankful that you are one of my readers of my work, it’s people like you who make my efforts all worthwhile as a poet. Hugs

    • I haven’t been at my site for a bit and came across your comment, sorry Martie. Oh no need to break into your piggy, my books will always be here when they are affordable. No hurry sweet friend.