New Year Brings Change

Designed and created by Cheryl Woods

Designed and created by Cheryl Woods

As most of you are aware, I have written poetry for just a few short years and over that time have amassed a number of pieces. I shared much of my work at Hub pages and gathered a rather tidy following of loyal readers. However much has changed at the Hubs and with those changes have come much unrest for many creative writers and poets, causing many of them to leave and find a home elsewhere, never joining Hub pages for the earning power, I simply wanted to share my work and read others, and leave worthy reviews.

Now with my new website I can not duplicate my work at both places, so I have chosen to remove all of my poetry at the Hubs and continue to grow and promote my site. Since I am not at the Hubs for the money, it makes more sense to enjoy the fruits of friendships and loyalties I’ve  amassed at Vincent

I will be sharing all future work directly from my site, blogging more and developing short stories that will enhance my type of genre. Melancholia, sorrow, dreary, sadness, beauty, darkness, life and death. Developing stories that will stir and move you to tears or laughter, penning my thoughts of roads less travelled.

Stories hidden in my closet, fears and tears I’ve felt with each passing year, who I was, what I became and where I am now. Friends I have cried and laughed with, some who died tragically, too young, with no future. How we as children frolicked in the mean streets of our city, playing, strung out on fantasy, supporting each other’s hopes and dreams, without a care in the world, never knowing how we would meet our end. We lived for each day, and let our futures take care of itself and in its own good time.

So with this said, I pray your loyalty will stay true and my work will still be read, not at the Hubs, but here at my site. I will comment on your work and follow it as posted, many of you I read and review and share with others. I feel this is the only way to circulate our work together. Twitter, Face book and Google+ are all excellent social venues to exploit to the fullest with sharing each others efforts. We are all in this together, to read, review and share. What better way to do this than by supporting one another as we travel through this life together as writers and poets. Let’s aim high, keep moving towards the mark, singing our praises to one another through our pens.

Remembering that the written word will always be mightier than the sword and in the end love will prevail, right will overtake wrong, peace will be found, wars will end, new birth will come forth, bringing with it eternal hope. Our world is going through tough times, but I know that by working together our species can make it right. Let’s give peace a chance and as John Lennon sang, all we need is love to do this. As writers we can promote these things, so let’s write and never grow weary, we will be heard.

Vincent Moore 2014


New Year Brings Change — 28 Comments

    • Ah my sweet Chloe Thurlow you are so right, for without LOVE life would not be worth living or dying for. You take my breath away with your brilliant work, erotica from your pen is not crude, raw, or dirty. Its is totally the opposite! Classy, elegant, mature,sexy, erotica at its very finest. A night of pleasures as you so eloquently pen, is akin to pleasures only immortals frolic in. I dream of such pleasures. Hugs Let us LOVE forevermore.

  1. Uplifting Vincent. Good to hear. It is tiresome to constantly hear writers of all genre ragging on one another. Writing is indeed a personal venture and when one puts their work out, regardless of where; readers are almost it appears looking for ‘menu’s of what appeals to them. With the internet and self publishing the ‘menu’ is so varied where we go, eat, drink and read has no limits. Thank you sir for staying astride.

    • Oh your so welcome, and thank you for your kind comment. I will continue to put myself out there with my poetry, hoping I’m able to reach out and touch souls. I am so blessed when I receive emails telling me how such and such a piece touched them in so many different ways. What more can a writer aspire to. I simply want to share my life experiences and help those along my journey. Happy New Year to you and yours and may it be a blessed, loving and healthy one for you.

  2. Vincent i will miss you on HP but i understand. I also left HP but returned. I missed my friends badly. I will follow you wherever you go. I love your poetry and stories told in rhyme. God bless you my friend.

    • Oh Ruby you are so kind with your generous words and compliments. I too will miss friends I’ve acquired, but you are not far, although I will no longer share my work at the Hubs, I intend to continue to follow you and many others, and when possible leave my comment at your hubs. Friends can be found in many places, I have them all over the internet and I’ve been blessed meeting so many people like yourself. I enjoyed sharing with you and we had lots of fun over the past few years. I will still be here at my site, adding poetry and short stories. Please keep in touch as I will with you. Hugs and Happy New Year sweet poet.

  3. What a beautiful piece of writing. You only have to pick up your quill and it is poetry.
    l am so grateful that you let us know where we can read you away from HB.
    By the way l decided your books belong on my shelf in between The Complete Works of Shakespeare and a book entitled The Golden Treasury which we used for our school leaving exams back in 1967 and has remained one of my favourite books of all time. It is full of the works of Shelley, J.Keats, Tennysson etc. etc.,
    Just want you to know how highly l esteem your work.(Think l’ve said that before,.)
    l look forward to many more interchanges between us and all the wonderful poets who began with HB.

    • Well thank you dear Dim and a Happy New Year to you and yours. I’m so grateful to you for purchasing my set of books. I hope they inspire you to keep writing your brilliant poetry as well. I’m honored to be on your bookshelf among those classic poets, I am truly humbled. Isn’t it so comforting to have saved a book that meant so much to you back in 67 with Shelly, J.Keats and Tennysson behind its covers. Thank you for continuing to follow me, I hope to pen more pieces as my Muse inspires me. I am happy as well to kept many of the friendships like yours that we all built up over the past few years. Hugs

  4. I got your back, brother. I’m glad we met on HubPages and I will always follow, read and enjoy your writing no matter where you publish it. Even if I don’t always comment, I do usually read. So glad to have met you Sir Vincent. It has been my pleasure. By the way, what the hell is the temperature in Montreal right now? It’s 10F here and I am not used to it. Never stop writing…

    JS Matthew~

      • The only way it’s possible for me to autograph my books is if the reader lives in my city, however I’ve over come that slightly by offering this alternative. I’ve sent a nice bookmark with the message you request for me to write on it, then I autograph that bookmark and mail it off to you. All you have to do is provide me with an address to mail the bookmark too when you’ve ordered the books and I will send it off signed by me the author. Now you have a personalized bookmark from the author to insert into the books as you read them. I hope this will help. I am honored to have a spot opened in your library for the trilogy of 60 of my most read and commented on pieces.

        • It just so happens that I have a friend in Montreal. You are still in Montreal I hope and suppose. I’ll have to check with her and see if she would receive signed copies for me. I would be willing to pay for separate shipping. I’m not only a writer but also a collector of books. I pride myself in antique books (like my early 1800’s Bible) but what really holds my heart together is signed books from my friends. Those are much more valuable to me, regardless of fame. Shakespeare is dead; he will always sell books. That’s what great names do for corporate sales. It’s the self published “average” person’s writ that intrigues me. The “Road (or poet) Less Traveled”, if you will. That is where life’s inspiration comes from. So if this is even a possibility, please let me know and also allow me some time to set things up. I would much rather own a signed first copy than a million resale volumes for profit.


          • Well if I still lived in Montreal that would be a splendid idea, but I moved out West to the Canadian Prairies years ago. I was born and grew up in Montreal and still have family there. What we could also do is ship them from here where I live on the Prairies. I stock a number of sets for local interests, I could let you know the price to send them off from here to the address you give me. You could pay me directly via my PayPal acct which I can give you and then I would package them up and ship them off to you. Please let me know if this would work for you? then we can make the arrangements, also advise me what you would like me to write in the autographed books. Thanks JS

    • Thank you JS Matthew for such fine words and appreciation of my writings. I know my views are high at my site and not everybody is into leaving a comment and I fully expect that, I am just so happy to be able to share my work regardless if I receive a comment or not. It’s equally my pleasure to have met you JS and believe me it’s people like you who have inspired me to continue writing. In Montreal it would be minus 20 C pretty darn cold. Happy New Year to you brother and thank you for getting my back. I’ve enjoyed much of the time I spent at Hubs, but time to move on.

      • Thank you Sir Vincent. I wish you the best of New Year as well. Sounds like it’s cold up there! I understand that you are moving on from the Hubs. For me, I like content writing more than anything. I was the nerd who preferred essays to multiple choice questions lol. The best part about writing is that if we keep doing it and continue to enjoy and learn about ourselves along the way, we eventually find where we belong. I am happy you have found your comfortable place. Cheers to you and here’s to the future!


  5. It is a pleasure to be your friend and to take this creative journey with you. Let’s hope that this new year is both creative and productive for us.

    • Yes my dear poet and all the best to you and yours this 2014 New Year. I as well send my best wishes for success, both our inspiration and success with our writings. Keep writing, you are being read and followed by man. Hugs

    • Well thank you very much Amy, I hope to publish more here and share. The Hubs is sadly no longer a place I call home, it once thrived with poetry and poets, but no longer. I too will follow always follow you and watch for your work as it appears to enjoy and share with others. Hugs

  6. I will miss you in the land of HP, but will gladly follow you on your next adventure. I hope to be able to post more this year as time allows. I, too, have started many adventures that I hope will pan out. I wish you success and look forward to reading more.

    • So nice to see you here tlpoague, yes HP was and still is an interesting place for many writers of choice. I have found that it really is not a site for poetry, it use to be? But the last couple of years only a handful of poets remain. I follow a couple, whose work I respect and admire. My work is placed at my own site here where I continue to share and publish from. I to wish you all the best in your new adventures this year, may they be plenty. Happy 2014 and stay healthy and keep writing, you are a fantastic writer.

    • And a Happy New Year to you too dear Laura and thank you for complementing me on my writing, may we both do much of it this New Year 2014

    • Well well, so nice to see you hear snakeslane, I’m no longer a member at the Hubs, by choice. However I am writing still and have another book of poetry in the works. I wish sometimes that I could have stayed at the Hubs, but unfortunately my genre was losing its flavor there, so I’ve moved on. Hope to see you again, you are a wonderful poet yourself my friend.

  7. Thanks for your kind words about ‘Walter’, I found similar reasons caused me to leave Hubs and were why I promote my work using the same media as you. I like your work and I expect to call back often.

    • Well thank you Joe Wilson for stopping in to say hello and leave your comment. I too am glad to meet you sir and look forward to reading more of your work as you publish it in FB (The Undead Poets Society) Let’s pray we never meet up with Walter in a dark place:-)