Transitions of a Senior


My PicThrough transitions,I’ve often wondered what my approaching senior years would do to my thinking process accepting and receiving it with dignity and grace or fighting it all the way. Well this poet has resigned himself to accepting the changes in his life that all who enter their senior years find themselves in. Fortunately for me I am in good health, not on any type of medication and able to take care of myself without any help from care-givers. I am truly blessed.

However I fully am thankful and appreciative to those who do help ailing seniors, for without them life would be much more difficult. I take off my hat to the many volunteer organizations that make life a lot less difficult for seniors with handicaps and disabilities. I can only say that I’ve been in a hospital bed twice in my lifetime and never on anything stronger than antibiotics or Tylenol. Yet the TRANSITION period of adjusting to reaching 65 is still traumatic. I quite frankly never thought I would reach it; somehow a higher force had plans for me to live a little longer.

I’ve gone through two marriages, and have 5 children. Four from my last wife and one I just discovered six months ago. Yes a daughter born out-of-wedlock 46 years ago, I remember it well and often wondered if that child would find her biological parents, well she found her dad, ME.  It’s very interesting how we are sharing, we live 1500 miles away from each other, yet time and distance still brings us together. We both see a lot of facial features in each other. She has a 5-year-old daughter, so that now officially makes me a granddad, which I am proud to call myself. We are slowly getting to know each other and I now know that her biological mother and I made the right choice of giving her up for adoption; we were just kids and barely able to take care of ourselves. She was raised up by a wonderful adopted mom and dad. Sadly I have no relationship or communication with my other two daughters, their heads and minds were turned by their mother 14 years ago after our divorce. I am so thankful that my first-born has found me, she is a woman with a child of her own and wants a relationship with her real father, so again TRANSITION and surprise arrives at my doorstep again and adjustments are made to accept them lovingly.

I’m moving into a 55+ age apartment complex, sixteen stories high and occupying the best suite and view this block has to offer. I will be among middle-aged and seniors like myself, with all the amenities and shops nearby. They even have a full lounge, games room, library and garden enclosed with a gazebo. I walk out my back door and I’m 15 steps to a super-market. The area I’m moving into is full of artists, yuppies and shops. We may even find the odd poet like me wandering around with pad and pen. So I thought I would share my move with you, my TRANSITIONS as well as a move into my quiet man mode. Below you can see the beautiful lady who found me, her biological dad.

Transitions: “Be open to changes, embrace them, accept who you are, were you came from, where you are now. All of life experiences amount to this very moment in time, there will never be another like it, be all that you can be, love YOU first then others will see that aura that surrounds you..Your uniqueness is as vast as the universe.”

Here is my lovely daughter:


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  1. Wow! I am captured in the float of your words, I feel honoured to behold your excellence. I know that your hand is rich with words as you have started the writing journey of your transition in a most awesome way via the happy re-unions. I am obliged to say a big congrats on the wheel of fortune turning towards your family life. I am compelled to say ‘Ride on Sire’ your words will continue to plead the goodness of my heart in recognition of your fine grace. I will follow along in this journey and wish you good health in the years to come. To your daughters, grandchildren and sons, I am elated to queue along with the great man who gave them life. May years of good health be added onto your life! Blessings

    • You offer up this poet much praise for my words, but simple a poet I am, your words sir have always inspired me to continue to pen. My transitions have been many, poverty, sadness and melancholia as a boy and teen, yet survival was the utmost concern, I am one of the lucky survivors of my time. I will ride on my words by taking your advice. I too hope my healthy stands firm and allows me to continue to express my soul through poetry. Thank you sir for the very well wishes.

      • Always thankful are the veins of my heart. It is an honour to know you; a privilege to drink from the waters of your muse. Always entertained says the voices in my head of how wonderful your writings have touched us all. Blessings

        • Alexander I am truly delighted that you feel a comfort in my words. I have expressed myself as best I know how with them. I pray I continue to reach those who want to read my work. Peace and blessings to you my friend.

  2. You have made my day complete. I am so happy for you. Your daughter is beautiful. God is so wonderful to allow you two be be reunited. She must fill the void of losing connections with your other daughters. You have aged with grace my dear poet friend. Blessings…

    • Oh my Ruby I am so honored that you feel that way about my happiness. Yes this lady found me after all these years, I am happy to have also connected. Yes indeed a higher force definitely brought us together, it was meant to be. Life is full of surprises don’t you think. I am ageing as best as I can dear friend and fellow poet, I miss you, the good old days at the hub for me and many have passed, I wish it wasn’t so. Hugs

  3. Vincent, how wonderful that you have had the good fortune to re-connect with your daughter after all these years! I too have become estranged to my youngest of two sons and have not seen or spoken to him since 2001. That you find comfort and peace of mind now is wonderfully inspiring. Enjoy your new home Vincent…may you be forever inspired by the muse within its walls…and it doesn’t hurt to take along that pen and paper when out and about! Cheers.

    • Yes indeed it is and I look forward to that new connection.It’s been many, many years. I often wondered throughout my life about her, when I was on business trips to Montreal especially. I know you have estrangement in your life as well Don and I feel your loss too. Out of 5 children, I just have the two now who accept me for who I am. No hidden agendas, simply wanting a relationship with their father. I am excited to make the move among the arts community and express my words as they are given to me by my Muse. You sir fully understand that, I am enthralled by your work. Keep inspired as well, keep writing, sharing and loving all things around you. Life is too short, I’ve found that out.

  4. Hi Vincent… welcome to the other side of the fence… the best part of accepting getting older is never having to be anything more than yourself. Reflecting on the good and the bad in life is good and I can tell from the words you have so expertly put to writing here, that you have found great peace and joy in where you find yourself.
    Good on you brother… such a blessing to read your words…


    • Yes sir, I am on the other side of the hill, reached the summit and now slowly working my way down the other side. I have accepted ageing, thankful for my health and cherish every day and moment that my maker allows me to plant my feet securely on the floor beside my bed when I awake. Now its time I love myself and push ahead towards the mark. The eye of the needle is narrow, I pray I am allowed to enter through it when my time is done here on earth. Until then, I will pen my thoughts, share what I have and give of my time and service as health permits. Bless you sir for your kind words to this poet, peace and blessings I send to you and yours this night.

  5. Well congratulations on such wonderful transitions. You are so lucky to have found your daughter and wow a granddad. I sure hope you get to meet them soon. You know as they say in the song – who wants to live forever? If we never got old and we just lived on it would be a painful transition forever seeing friends and family die and leave us. Always looking to make a new life and on and on. You have made the right choices and will be much richer for it. I can just picture you sitting in a cafe with a couple of new poets hanging onto your every world eager to learn what poetic creativity is all about.

    • Yes it came out of nowhere as a surprise a few months back, we have slowly been getting to know one another. Our connection has indeed been very pleasant, a very busy lady is she! With her yoga teachings and volunteer missionary efforts over in Africa, it certainly fills her plate, as well raising a 5 year old daughter on her own. Yes living on forever would be a very dull thing when all around you are dying. I am happy to have reached this far and hopefully I will continue to enjoy life for a little longer. I want to continue to write and share my work with many, letting it linger on as a legacy of a late bloomer in the art.

  6. It occurs to me, only at this moment, that, like good red wine, poetry matures with the years and will when the bottle is really dusty and the label obscured produce music for the tongue.

    • My dear Chloe Thurlow, I believe you are correct. The dust certainly is settling in over me, my vision is still clear as is my health. Yet the maturity is starting to shine, hopefully if will be breathed in and consumed by those select few who felt the impact from my work. My music has been dampened with melancholia most of the time, yet I have not feared it. Simply rejoiced in being able to twist my words to have some meaning for those who have a sharp and tuned ear for it. Hugs to you sweet lady, may your pen never loose its sharpness, dip deeply my fellow scribe.

    • Yes it was a mind blowing discovery for both of us my friend. We have a long journey ahead of us both, much to say and share. I felt deeply in my heart that this day may come knocking at my door and it has. My new pad will be splendid indeed, I look forward to it as well as the characters that occupy it as well as the surrounding area. Very artsy bunch and I know I will fit right in.

  7. So happy about you and your daughter finding each other. Congratulations of becoming a grandpa. I’m sure you’re elated on both counts. Good luck in your new home that I’m sure you’ll love by the sounds of it. Being surrounded by artists is where you belong. So happy to know that you’re happy my dear friend.

    • Yes it was long in coming, I fully expected one day she may begin a quest to find her real parents. It didn’t come as a total surprise, when they tracked me down, I was delighted with the news and corresponded immediately. Yes a grandpa from my first born of 46 years ago. My oldest who has nothing to do with me is now 32 yrs old, unmarried, so no grandchildren on the horizon from her. I’m looking forward to a relationship overtime with her, but we are going slowly right now, getting to know each other, much to catch up on. I’m also looking forward to my move too, it will welcome a pleasant change, as well as the area of the city and peoples are different too. Hugs to you dear Susan, I pray all is well with you and yours.

  8. Vincent, I’m so happy to hear about this absolutely wonderful news! Not only did you receive a long lost daughter but a grandchild too. You’ll have a beautiful journey ahead of you, getting to know them both. I can see the resemblance of you in your very beautiful and graceful daughter. Congratulations, my friend. You are well deserved of this happiness. So exciting to hear about your new home. It sounds perfect for you. Being surrounded with other artists, I have a feeling you’ll get lots of inspirations to write in the near future.
    My love and hugs,

    • Thank you dear Sannel it’s been a while since I’ve written much. I definitely look forward to new inspirations very soon after I move into my new place. Yes excitement all around me, finding my first born, or should I say, she finding me after all these years. She is doing well, yet unarried but with a 5 year old daughter. She appears to be content with her life, yoga and missionary volunteer work in Africa. We are getting to know each other slowly, corresponding and chatting on Skype. One day I hope to visit her and my grand daughter. Hope all is well with you as can be expected, I know you are coping and staying inspired with your photography, art, books, writings, friends and family and pets. Enjoy them my dear and cling to love always. Hugs from your Canadian poet Vincent.

  9. Anyone tell you lately your a BRAT, “OLD LIFE” I may be older than you, but heck this body still has a lot of youth left in it, lol. I’ve moved already, this post was written last July sweet KL but for your info, I’m living in the Osborne Village area, 16th floors up, with a fab view. Wanna come over this summer and watch it with me;-)) Hugs