Summers End

garden-339236_150The summer has come to an end,Fall has come and gone with color leaving naked trees in its absence.People hurry and scurry about, with crunching sounds of footprints left on natures palette of naked leaves.Fast approaching is winter chill, the air is crisp, heads are bowed with conviction as spirits plow with hunched shoulders fighting against the onslaught of flying and whirling snow in the air. Yes like a Lion in winter, the throne of summer is now empty and its people will pull their garments on to protect them from whatever elements come their way. This is a poem I wrote ending my summer drought, I believe my Muse has found me and come from the shadows once more, maybe this time he will stay awhile.


Where are you Muse, have you forgotten me,

it’s been very lonely, and I from you been

absent all the summer long.

The lilies bloomed, the roses thorn pricked

yet another’s heart that yearned for summer

love to put the spirit of youth and joy back

in their souls.


Please return less you forget me still,

redeem that which is yours, my pen and

namesake, then shut the rest away in the

darkest corner of hell.


Pluck only that which the birds left lying

naked on the dew of summers lost perfumes

and sweet nectar’s left by flowers in their last

light and explode forth new prose to feed

my hunger for poetry at best.


Not even a witches spell could make me

envy summers end, for envious is my heart

your pen when in debate rise and find me

wallowing in my depressed lair among the

hidden scribes of the past.


Winter’s chill is in the air, its scythe cutting

me deeply with frosty words that linger like spoils

left from summer rise and fall invisible there,

yet her pale face adorned with deep vermillion

rose tint reflections caressed by angels breath

that haunts me into winter’s fast approach.


Vincent Moore 2014


Summers End — 33 Comments

  1. Vincent, it’s nice to see you’ve reined in your muse. Sometimes inspiration just seems to elude us. It is those times we must listen to the need for rest. We we come back, it’s like letting out our breath that we’ve been holding in for far too long.

    • Yes I totally agree with you, a rest was needed. My pen was heavy, the inspiration had hidden itself for far too long. Then my Muse reappeared and I am delighted, the summer has come to a close and thus my surroundings inspired me to lay down these few words. Thank you for coming by to have a read dear Bravewarrior. I trust your inspiration is flourishing and many poems are being written? My breath has indeed come back to me.

      • Vincent, it’s been a while since I wrote a poem. The last one I wrote is entitled, “Listen to Me – for the Earth I Plea”, although it was written this year. I posted it on HP. Lately, when I’m not writing for pay, I write fiction stories. I’ve been working on a novel called “The Gifts of Faith” and posting one chapter at a time on HP (16 so far). Once I finish the story, I’ll go thru the edit process and find an agent to represent me for traditional publication.

        • Shauna I have reentered Hubpages as Saddlerider, it was the username of 4 years ago, I deleted my Vincent Moore account and withdrew all my work, I was frustrated with HP always interfering with me posting the work as duplicate at my own site, so I decided to build my site up and start to use it more effectively and it’s paying off. Although I have a few poems posted at the Hubs, I won’t be posting many there. I just wanted to be able to read many of my followers work and I couldn’t do it if I wasn’t a member. I’m very happy to read that you have a book of published poetry, I am working on my fourth, hopefully to be released in the Spring of 2015. I will have to go to your posting and read your work, I didn’t know you were a fiction writer as well. When do you expect to have it finished? The Gifts of Faith. Poetry is first and foremost my passion, I have written the odd short flash fiction story, but Poetry comes to me much easier as it does for you to I’ve read.

          • Vincent, I started it in April of 2013, so no telling. As you, I have to wait for my Muse to bring me back to Faith. Sometimes I’ll go months without writing a chapter. Then in October I wrote two within days of each other. I can’t force it. It has to come.

            I would be thrilled for you to read it. I’ll also subscribe to your new page.

          • Yes I understand fully about getting it back, I too have run dry for spells and then in a flurry I pen a few poems every other day, lately though it’s been remiss. Just yesterday my Muse came knocking at my door, he unpacked his luggage he left with, slamming the door frustrated with me, I welcome his return;-)) I hope yours returns and allows you to finish off your novel, I will be happy to find you at the Hubs and start reading it and leave my comments, good luck with it, keep writing, it will eventually be a finished project and then on to another. Thank you for subscribing to my site as well. Hugs

  2. Wonderfully penned Vincent! Your search for the muse has concluded so nicely! Your descriptive word craft paints an emotive, relatable response, visceral. Fear less the wandering of a looming muse…in good spirit it follows the inspired vision of its author. Envisage a powerful visual through its message and the words will follow in its generous scribing.

    • As a poet I too wander into the abyss at times, my Muse doubting me or me him! We part for a spell, could be weeks, months before we find each other again, when we do the inspiration comes forth. I’ve been dry for awhile my fellow poet and to be able to find my pen and lay the words down again lifts my spirits and my doubts. I am forever searching for meanings, I trust life to bring them from the shadows, and very thankful when they do. Peace and blessings I send to you sir and yours.

  3. Hi Vincent… a wonderful lament for the passing of one season to another. We are bracing ourselves for the onslaught of another winter here. Going out to the cabin next week to attempt luring that illusive Brown Trout with a carefully handcrafted fly. The downside is the glacier fed Clearwater River lapping at my waders. I do love the fall and the smells the forest brings, especially appealing is the faint smell of the fireplace and the warmth the cabin brings to the spirit.

    Keep the pen filled with your words…

    Blessings … Rolly

    • Hello Rolly, so nice to see you here. Yes the seasons have changed quickly, now leading us into chilly days and nights ahead. The winds are fierce here in the Peg, I sense a storm a brewing. Oh to be there with you to fish, I always loved fishing when I got the chance to do so in northern Manitoba. Brown trout fishing is wonderful, and having the water lapping at your waders doesn’t sound all too bad my friend. I wish you good fishing and God speed, enjoy it all and the smell and tastes of mother nature are God sent. Keep your spirit alive with your writing sir, you are a prolific one at that.

      • Hi again Vincent… I will fry an extra fish in your absence. Northern Manitoba, I worked and lived all over that part of the country, underground mining and also in the Hydro projects from Thompson and as far north as Churchill. What parts do you fish in, thanks for the response and the writing will be an ongoing thing for certain.


        • Hi Rolly, I fished in Gods Narrows, Kanusawon Rapids, The Pas, Thompson, Snow Lake. I drove semi back in the early 70’s and hauled steel up to Jennepg Hydro Dam that they were building at the time. Drove up Hwy6 to Ponton turnout on 391 past Wabowden and headed for the turnoff to drive up muskeg roads to the site, when it rained, the cats had to chain up to me to pull me in, otherwise my tandems would sink. ha ha. I love the north countries of any province. Blessings to you sir.

          • Been to all those places, I had the contract looking after security for all of Manitoba hydro… quite possible i checked you through at one time or another… small world.


          • Yes it is my friend, I drove for SRP a division of CN who had a contract to hall the steel beams and rebarr, as well as concrete. I went through a lot of rubber with the weight I hauled, pulled trombone trailers as overlength loads. Yes quite possible you saw me up there, I drove between 1973 and 76, big orange conventional White Western Star with the name plate “Phantom 309” on the hood. I was just 24 yrs old, wow does that take me back a few year. ha ha.

  4. Vincent. I’m glad to see that your muse returned after a summer at play! Beautiful piece…..mine is still hiding in the wings, but at least I’m writing commercially now, though completely unsatisfying to the soul. Peace to you!

    • My dear Amy so wonderful to see your beautiful soul on my site again, I miss you and your work. The poetry that you pen is magnificent, touching and deep, your words caress me like few do, I wish I was closer to share mine with you. Though you are writing commercially and of course money is always important for survival, never give up writing to soothe your soul and others like mine. You inspire me, there are few modern day poets who do, but somehow the way you play with words creates a different space for me. I thank you for that sweet poet. Peace and blessings I send to you this day, hugs.

  5. I read this over several times and found this stanza particularly moving. – Please return less you forget me still, redeem that which is yours, my pen and namesake, then shut the rest away in the darkest corner of hell.

    • Chloe my sweet writer, I thought you had abandoned me, yet here you appear, I am so honored by your presence. You are my secret inspiration. I’m so happy you found some depth in this stanza, it comes from deep places, my Muse finds words for me to pen and often I feel they are given to me as gifts from someone’s past lives. Much of my work is dark and dreary, as much as I try to lighten it a some, it finds some way of creeping back in from the shadows. Hugs to you and blessings from my heart to yours Chloe.

  6. Beautifully written, Vincent, as always. You’ve been missed, my friend. Glad to have you back!
    Love and hugs,

    • Oh my sweet Sannell, you have been equally missed, I’ve been in dark places of late, now coming forth, relaxed and ready to pen. This offering came to me from my long dormant Muse, he found me again, I slammed the door when he left months ago, disgusted with writing, wanting to pen no more. I may abandon him, but he does not abandon me for too long. He feels I still have much to offer yet, so I hope what lays down before me is worthy. Peace my sweet friend from Sweden, you are doing so well with your writing and art, the world is a better place with you in it. I wish I was there to share tea with you and just talk about everything. You and others are a great inspiration to me, I can not and won’t abandon you. I am back.

  7. Hello again Vincent
    I’ve been gone from the internet for six months and am back now writing from Sligo, Ireland, where I have returned to live after a 4 year interlude in the States. My many muses reside here as well and I can anticipate some inspiration. Be well.
    All the best, Sligobay

    • Gerry my dear friend from afar, so nice to see your return to your roots. You inspiration is there, let it flow, you are a magnificent and prolific poet and story teller. Your Muses will coach you and enter your soul as mine does my very own. I have been useless for months, stricken with depression and sadness for too many reasons to mention. Although I abandoned him, he never did me, has found me and moved me to take pen in hand again to scribe. I gave him the grace to come from the shadows and lift me up, I hope to continue for a spell to write again. I do miss it and hope to prove worthy, the words I lay down on white. You too be well, keep writing, keep sharing, find me at HP in limited form under my old username of Saddlerider1 I left as Vincent Moore for many reasons, but couldn’t abandon the friendships I have there, so rejoined in order to read others works as I will yours should you scribe there again. If not share on FB. All the best to you too Gerry, may the Muse be with you.

  8. Simply awesome. It made me laugh, cry and delight in your poetic words. It also reminded me of one of my poems in which I declare myself to be the Queen of Spring trapped in a frozen world. Let the winter warm your heart with memories of summer delights. Hugs.

    • Oh thank you Rasma for your thoughtful comment here. I find transition difficult at times, depression sometimes sets in. Yet I love all seasons, just that summer and fall are my two favorites, Spring new birth, winter kills it all. I always have hated summers end, “the Queen of Spring trapped in a frozen world” I like that. lol

  9. To flight, I saw an emerging muse, an avenue unravelled, yet as the fallen air of absence; is it true the heart is but a raging storm or a fresh mountain breeze that is yet to perceive.

    • Nancy I see you found me! and like a true poet your verse and play on words has truly added to my piece here, a Muse works wonders and gifts are given to those who leave their hearts and souls open to receive them. I’m glad you enjoyed this work enough to share your Muse.

  10. Stunning poetry, Vincent. Good to see you back. 🙂 At times it does seem as if our muse has forsaken us…but they always return and we are grateful as the turn of seasons when in search of what rests beneath or beyond is still unknowing, tantalizing and fulfilling. Stunning work, as always, dear poet.

    • Genna East so nice to have you pay my work a visit, best of the Season to you and yours from me. Yes when the Muse chooses to return it does so and the gifts are unraveled. I hope to continue to pen more work before time runs out. I am always prepared, but not always ready to receive them. Hugs to you sweet friend.

  11. Don’t know how l missed this one till now. So glad l came across it today. It is so wonderful..
    Your expressions are a delight to anyone who appreciates the English language.
    Sheer genius.!!!

    • Aw your making me blush Dim. It was summers end and these thoughts came to my pen. Much appreciated.

  12. I do not engage in empty flattery, honestly. So when your poems make me feel a certain way , l just say it ….. like it is….. for me. Love your work. God bless.

    • I understand Dim, I know your heart is always in the right place, yet sad and happy at the same time. Poets are that way, we feel deeply in so many ways. I appreciate every word and comment you leave on my work, your support over the years has been a blessing to me. I pray you have a wonderful 2015 and that all your dreams come true.