Undead Poets Society Forevermore

Edgar A PoeThis a tribute to poets of all ages, sexes, races and color, I want to  thank in particular Roxi St Clair who developed this site and has inspired
so many of us to be as creative as we could be and sharing our work  here among fellow poets. Roxi is a magnificent poet and penned it so well.

“Poetry is not just the writing of words in lines and verse, form and meter or using device. It is more than that. It isn’t just sitting under a tree reading words from a long dead hand. It is in essence a connection of heart and soul between poet and reader. The reading is just as important as the writing. That is what The Undead Poet’s Society is about. Sharing as readers and poets.” Roxi St Clair


Undead Poets Society Forevermore:

Too many a scribe who fetches from distant shores,
a sconce and listens awhile, the sea unfolds great wonders,
the sirens from the deep are heard, the poet knows too well,
the secrets it offers up.

Long dead poets come to life newness is breathed into their
long stilled lungs, no one forgets them, though they sleep
forevermore in graves created too early for some and others
long awaiting its grasp to drag them to hell and back,
never forgotten yet lifted up by many of us today.

Man has created verse throughout the Universe, its silence has
never been stilled, the words of poets echo throughout the
corridors of castles, churches, parliaments and learned places.

On many a road twisted and less travelled, in back lanes, shops
brothels and jails, the poet dwelled. Many alone in the darkness,
mad with passion and inspiration they could not be silenced,
a prisoner locked away to be forgotten, yet they managed to
scratch their verse to surface and be transcribed for all generations
to enjoy, the Marquis left his mark, erotica was born and
for many it adorned from Kings and Queens to the young ones
reading secretly behind their chamber doors.

Poetry can not be shut out, its ashes though buried with authors
of long ago, it rises up and comes forth through others it finds
and enabling the Muses left to carry on and seek the poets who
open their souls and hearts to receive them, many will do so, others
will wish they could, struggling to bend a verse or two they leave
in rhyme, yet failing to stir the hearts of man-kind.

Vincent Moore 2014


Undead Poets Society Forevermore — 15 Comments

  1. Always enjoy your work Vincent. Words written through a poets eyes are like a soothing balm, touching so many hearts. The words written for all time for many to enjoy.
    God bless

    • Oh Kimmie so nice to see you again, I thought you had abandoned this poet? I was stirred to write this piece, thanking an excellent poet, Roxi St Clair for creating the Undead Poets Society group on FB. so many are joining, not a day goes by that I am not approving somebody to join. The requests dont’ stop, I guess they are drawn in by the name. Not many comment on each others work, yet they drop poems in every day. ha ha. I hope all is well with you, I see Mike Friedman posting your work a lot on Twitter, you are such a fine writer and poet yourself and I have always enjoyed your work. Hugs and blessings I send to you this day. Keep well.

    • Ah my goddess of the skies, so nice to receive your respect and appreciation, I am truly humbled by your kind words. I hope all is well with you and your creative genius and Muse keeps you penning. I always admired your work when I was a member at the Hubs, although I am still there under my former name Saddlerider1 I only have a few pieces there, all my work created by my pen name Vincent Moore is mostly here. Hugs and blessings I send to you this eve.

    • Thank you very much Dim, all poets need recognition for the work we all put out there, you included of course. I felt Roxi St Clair needed a thank you for creating this site on FB for all to enjoy and have input into. Hugs

    • Thank you Shauna for your kind words, it was something that came to me, I’ve enjoyed placing my work at the site developed by Roxi. She too is a very fine poet. She designed the banner and its drawn in quite a few poets, leaving and sharing their work. I just want to thank her for her dedication and a poem came to mind.

    • Your very welcome, if in any way I’ve assisted to funnel your amazing talent. You don’t need it from me, I read your work and it comes as naturally to you as bee too honey. Your sweet nectar inspires me as well, I am touched by much of your work. Thankful to be able to read what you post, life is too fleeting and we must take every moment to enjoy fine art in every form. Hugs sweet poet.

  2. Really deep and haunting, Vincent. So moving.

    This last stanza especially touches me, having recently received my portion of my beloved granddaughter’s (Carla Byrne’s) ashes. One contemplates their ‘place’. An urn? Spread upon the waters, which she loved? Buried, perhaps with a copy of your verse? I didn’t realize what the impact of actually having her ashes would be. . . . She wasn’t a writer of words, but definitely an author of feelings, nurturing and love.

    Poetry can not be shut out, its ashes though buried with authors
    of long ago, it rises up and comes forth through others it finds
    and enabling the Muses left to carry on and seek the poets who
    open their souls and hearts to receive them, many will do so, others
    will wish they could, struggling to bend a verse or two they leave
    in rhyme, yet failing to stir the hearts of man-kind.

    • Oh dear friend, I am so happy to read your thoughts on this piece I put together. I don’t know where it all comes from, I effortlessly let words flow when I am moved, is this the gift that poets are given, some of us more dynamic than others, or chosen differently? I struggle with the meanings behind gifts. I am just a simple man of means, yet somehow when I sit still I feel a presence and I am stirred to write whatever comes my way. This piece was a tribute to Roxi St Clair who started The Undead Poets Society in FB and I was moved to express my feelings about it.

      For it to have meaning to you is a great blessing, now after reading the stanza you refer to I can see why my poet. I know how terribly missed she is and how much she meant to you. I know in my heart that she is near you, her soul has been set free and all life happens for a reason. The seasons given to us are short, we live and are given so many opportunities in life to share our love, when our time comes to depart that too is all planned in the great overall scheme of life. My ashes will be released and hopefully scattered in the wind. I want to once again become part of the Universe where we all began, maybe my ashes will fall into another realm and start anew. I truly hope poetry stays with me no matter where I end up. lol….Big hugs to you Nellieanna, I miss you. I wish the Hubs would draw me back more, but alas, I am not feeling as comfortable there as I once was. Too many changes, yet I am still a member as Saddlerider1 so I can still come back to read others. I have been vacant from reading your work, I also know how busy you’ve been, I will be by soon to read your latest. Hugs.

  3. Wonderfully eloquent words from yourself Vincent, and Roxi too. Roxi does indeed have a gift that inspires poets and readers alike. What I love about poetry is its deeply personal, spiritual and inspirational dwelling in the literary world as a contender yet, and seemingly a growing audience and dedicated composition by a growing number of poets as well.

    To embrace the great writings of those as Poe, along with contemporaries of this day, is remarkable testament to the genre, its writers and audience alike. When I first began this journey in 2000 I could not have imagined the passion it would stir within, not anywhere to the extent it has. Reader response is so gratifying and inspiring.

    I sense that we are messengers of a sort, perhaps our ultimate reason for being. Whatever influence has brought us together, fostered such wonderful friendship and respect, makes the experience all the more worthwhile and fulfilling.

    I am currently overextended but would love to join you here some day soon. Over the years I have built up a large commitment to various sites on top of my own websites and business activity. I’m on my fourth book of my original works of poetry…the passion continues and I will treasure its publication as truly as I did the first three.

    …and the beloved journey continues.

    My best wishes and thanks to all who embrace this passion through their own words. The world is a better place for each of you sharing a devotion that is also the passion, and the envy, of many.

    • Don you couldn’t have explained a poets journey any better than you have. I know you have a passion for it and now with your fourth book coming out, it too will be received with accolades. I write first for myself, it soothes my soul, if others feel the same way from the words given me to pen, then I am a very happy man. I want to leave a legacy of my feelings from childhood to adulthood and I find I can do that with poetry. I have a deep well to draw from and am inspired to do so when I read works from so many other gifted poets like yourself and Roxi. I believe your right in saying, quite possibly that we are the messengers and perhaps our ultimate reason for being here. I join other poets in trying to reach out with words that quell the spirit and lift it up. Thank you Don for being the friend you are and following and praising my work, its much appreciated from someone as fine a writer as yourself.

      • You’re so very welcome Vincent. After all, we share the same journey, the same passion, many of the same life experiences, with exceptions of course. I look back fourteen years and my very first poem was penned for my new bride Andrea who is with me today. It was something of a romantic piece, a ‘roses are red, violets are blue’ sort of thing and not very impressive but it brought on tears. That was my first experience of an emotional response to something I wrote of a personal nature.

        Family and friends would soon urge that I share my writing publicly and eventually in print. I went online, really quite nervous about composing a piece for the first time that would go ‘live’ to the ‘masses’ on a site called PoetryPoem.com. The site had 85,000 members on my signup and was growing rapidly. I soon made wonderful friendships on that site, was one of numerous moderators there for two years and the site swelled to over 100K members in that time. Those numbers pale by comparison to what we are accustomed to in this day but back then it all seemed overwhelming until I grew ‘accustomed to its face’.

        A novice writer, I still began to catch some attention and was inspired by such wonderful response. We all shared the love of poetry and literature in general. There were phenomenal writers on the site. I studied hard and began to fashion a style of my own. When people tell you they relate deeply to what you have written, that you have elevated emotions they thought they had long before lost or buried…what a powerful testament to what each of us aspires to achieve through our writing.

        Whether a painful past, a tragic loss of a loved one, a beautiful love story, a failed relationship, a mutual association of common interest, a struggle with the darkness of depression or severe anxiety, an amplitude of inspired connection with something we strongly believe in (or feel great disdain) or a host of other catalysts for our written verse, what fuels our vision and creative fire quenches an enormous thirst, a deep-seeded desire, an insatiable appetite to convey powerfully engaging wordcraft that many can benefit from, enjoy and share so givingly with others.

        What was once a pastime of earnest bemusement morphs into something much larger and more animated and seductive than anything we can clearly define…but it’s there, it lives, it it breathes, it grows, it transfers energy and vision quite unlike anything else in life. The foregoing is really quite dramatic, then again…I am a poet!