A Short Biography

Ken and Mom.

Ken and Mom.










A short Biography of Ken Snowdon, aka Vincent Moore the Canadian Poet


Ken’s Childhood:

Ken was born in Montreal on November 19,1948. That makes him a Scorpio. His parents were James and Hazel Snowdon. James was born in Cape Breton Island and Hazel Pain was born in Montreal. They had 5 children together, Jim, Judy, Ken, Linda and Elizabeth as well two half sisters Joan and Carol. Ken attended public schools in two suburbs of Montreal, (NDG and Point St Charles).  He grew up in a turbulent family in the 1950’s and 1960’s.








Snowdon’s Public School Years:

Baptized as a Catholic, Ken only remembers taking his first communion and reading parts of the catechism and receiving the host on the tip of his tongue. At the age of 7 on his birthday he was struck by a vehicle while running across the street with a piece of chocolate cake in his hand. Suffering a fractured skull, he was treated very nicely by the driver who accidentally struck him, as well all the medical personnel at the Children’s Hospital. Throughout his young school years, Ken was a rebel and often scolded by teachers for his bad behavior. He refused to be taught, as daily he went to school with anger from a very tumultuous time at home. Always in fear for his mother, due to abuse caused by a man living in their home.










A Savior Found Him:

Entering High School was a difficult task, he again was a rebel and fought the teacher’s teachings and rebelled against Principle’s who he felt were out to harshly discipline boys and girls like him, was he a rebel with or without a cause, he thought so? They expelled him in his first year due to his disobedience. But little did they know, they were doing him the greatest service by doing so. He was industrious as a teen working after school and through this he met a family who took him in as a son, and this is where Ken’s life took a huge fork in the road.

Not only was he convinced to re-enter night school to complete his High School, but it also matured him quickly. He enjoyed being among adults who treated him like one, not as a rebel, and he respected them and his teachers. It took him 4 years of hard study, but he received his diploma with honor. His favorite subjects in school were to build a foundation for him later in life. The Arts and Social Sciences were subjects he thrived on. He dreamt of becoming an actor or writer and little did he know at that time that he would become an expressive poet.


Lady in White

Lady in White








A Struggling Soul:

In 2003 while driving through the state of Kentucky in the early morning, a change in his skeptic thinking altered him. After seeing an apparition on the side of the highway and where she disappeared into a mist leading to a cemetery gifted him a few years later to pour out his soul in poetic form. After his investigation into this sighting, it was confirmed for him by various people who lived in that state, that “The Lady in White” who he called her, actually had been sighted many times over the centuries. In 2008 he was led to pen a poem called “Graveyard of Lost Souls” and from there penned 3 more surrounding this sighting. Ken felt that he was led by this manifestation of a restless spirit that early morning back in 2003. He now realizes that he is an old soul and was reached out to by The Lady in White.


Vincent Moore 2015

Vincent Moore 2015






3 Published Books of Poetry.

3 Published Books of Poetry.








Ken’s Daily Present Life:

After penning his first poem in 2003 he has gone on to pen many, many more poems and continues to do so.  Ken as Vincent Moore has 3 published books of poetry to his credit and is working on his fourth. He is inspired by Muse’s from the past, one being Edgar Allan Poe, who he aspires to be led by, and moved by his work. Another is his savior as a young man of 15 years old, (GDW) who took him under his wing and taught him the values of humanity. This man pulled him from the dark abyss he lived in under mental abuse.

Ken was trained in the Arts, he was a talented painter and drew upon his lessons from galleries. It was the love of art, music, dance, acting and reading authors who inspired him as a boy and teen that shaped his future.  All of these experiences from his past young life have led him to where he is as a poet today. Ken is active at various sites, sharing his work and building a following. He has been interviewed by online magazines on various occasions and accolades bestowed on his work. Ken is a very humble poet, he lives a fairly reclusive life, keeps a relationship with a small circle of old friends. Many of his online friends keep in daily contact with him and others email him to discuss his work. Ken is in the twilight years and will continue to pen his thoughts and experiences on life itself until he breathes his last here on earth. He hopes that the legacy of poetry he will leave behind inspires other to express themselves as he has tried to do in his writings.

Vincent Moore July 2016



A Short Biography — 12 Comments

  1. So fascinating, Ken…please tell us more & more! It’s nice to see you again old friend. Always good to know you are doing well. I trust you are enjoying a lovely Canadian summer. Just over the bridge from you, this New York gal is insisting on maintaining a positive, productive life, despite those damned forces of evil all around us! I say, “To HELL with all that rot!” Keep shining, keep smiling, Ken. Peace & Hugs, Paula

  2. Well thank you Paula. Do you think I should expound further on my life? It’s very nice to hear from you too Paula. Doing well? I question that at times, like most of us do. As for a lovely Canadian summer, yes indeed, yet too hot on some days, but then again that’s science, the world is in a climax flux. I hope I live long enough to see some serious changes made to our earth for the good. Just over a bridge, yes a separation from two beautiful countries. I love New York and have had the odd past business occasion to visit. Upper New York is also very beautiful. I’m also happy to read that you are leading a productive and positive life. We all need to follow your example, we are all living in very unpredictable and turmoil times. Forces of evil indeed all around us. I agree lets bury all that ROT and keep shining and smiling. Peace and hugs to you sweet friend, keep writing, you are a gifted one. Hugs from Vincent.

  3. Thank you Amy for your kind words. We all have beginnings, I wanted to share a little with my followers here. Yes indeed, no question about it. If it wasn’t for that savior coming into my life at the sensitive age of 15 I don’t know that I would be here today. He pulled me out of the sorry situation I was in, schooling, abuse at my home, poverty and moral decline. Him and his family most definitely gave me an opportunity and opened up many doors for me. I was wise to listen and follow their advice and accept their guiding hand. My story is just one of the million stories that children struggle with even today. Very sad indeed.

  4. This was an immense amount of information squeezed into a short Bio. That in itself is takes a lot of talent. Your poetry has always touched my heart and soul. Thank you for this reminder of your background.

  5. Hi there fellow Scorp. I also enjoy feeding the birds with tasty morsels from life’s bakery. It’s a trait we share, one anchored by the shy humbleness of knowing that so many can not fully comprehend the depth of life experiences we inquisitive water signs tend to explore and familiarize ourselves with I believe. Perhaps we all seek that flow which will carry us to our sea.

    Good to catch up Ken after a couple of seasons have bloomed and faded. You take care and keep writing my friend… there are so many birds that know the quality of the loaf you share.

    *~ Pearldiver ~

  6. Oh thank you Dim for commenting on this short bio. I just wanted to share a little bit of the person behind the name. I appreciate your support of my work, it’s followers like you that make me pen on. Hugs

  7. Pearldiver so wonderful to see you here my far away friend. Yes indeed us waterbabies are driven to the sea. Sharing a little tidbit here and there of our own little world and it’s past adventures is soul relieving. Feeding the birds, what a wonderful symbolic thought. I am letting my ink flow as time grows shorter as years are passing quickly.I pray you are too penning away and growing always closer to your sea. How refreshing to know that I am not forgotten by such a poet and artist like yourself. I truly enjoyed your work published at the Hubs, you are a TRUE poet and we are hard to find. Peace my brother, let the light continue to shine over your horizons.

    • I choose the name Vincent from my favorite horror master actor of all times, Vincent Price. Moore came to me from a men’s suit store, called Moore’s suits. I ran Vincent with Moore and liked it, thus the name Vincent Moore;-)

  8. Dear Vincent, you and I, and so many of our friends here and in other blessed places of literary sharing, possess the commonality of profound influence on our writings through the years. Regardless of the nature and/or severity of that life experience that has shaped our perspective, our greatest level of internal peace and reassurance is seemingly right here among these, and like, pages in their conveyance.

    We see and feel in the most real and, at times, abstract dimension. We reach out and touch the realities that foster ingenuity and at times burden and dishearten our weary souls. For all things life has brought upon us we are messengers of expression. We pray in our heart of hearts that our words flow gently over troubled hearts, minds and souls with eternal graces and earthly seeing.

    Life is surely guided by divine purpose and powerful intervention. We walk among the living and repair in their forgiveness, crawl through spoils of humanity in search as blind of reason. Love and understanding shall conquer pain and anguish as the cleanse of higher being bathes our burdened soul.

    We are one as words in speaking bear the essence of the voice of all emotions, guidance, expectation.

    Live long for the love of written expression my friend…for the sake of light and being.