Enter My Chamber

Come in and get comfortable.

VincentMooreHere is where you will find Vincent at work or at play. His desk askew with letters and rhymes that never made it into his time. He works with vigor and haste as if it may be his last date on earth. His pen is always at hand, his ink well full to the brim and his wine decanter of red never empty. He often feels the inspiration from the dark corners of his chamber, his Muse frolicking, dancing, grinning, teasing him from between half closed burgundy curtains. At times Vincent will be amused at his Muse and throw the odd empty bottle of wine in his direction with the hope of clapping him on his head to silence his foolishness.

His wick is often trimmed awaiting the flint to light it to cast its dim light before his pen and paper laying before him ready to serve him. Now the night begins, the ghosts and demons appear, he draws his mind to scenes of long ago, his past, his childhood romances and abuse. The night is young so let’s begin and watch over this poet  from a corner of his room as he creates, berates, screams, cries and drinks his thoughts down before him.

Vincent Moore  pens his thoughts about many things and has a style all his own. Sometimes, he parties with words excessively and it becomes necessary to publish quickly lest his work be lost in the dark corners of his room or his mind. Vincent will lead you into mysterious worlds that are strange yet somehow familiar, worlds that will leave you unsettled and breathless for more.

He was born and raised in Montreal Canada amongst the Irish, Brits, Italians and French. Point St Charles (commonly called The Point) was the Hell’s kitchen of Montreal. He played, cried, laughed and fought on the street corners, survival was an instinct and watching each others back important. Vincent left home at 17 to find his way in the world, failure and success he had plenty of. He studied the Arts and loved to draw and paint. Took acting lessons and envied those on the stage under the bright lights and hoped to some day become an actor, writer, playwright or painter. Vincent welcomes you to his world of mystery, fantasy and solitude.