IT Comes Out

It Comes Out

Photo: Grant Rambojun

Photo: Grant Rambojun

The boroughs felt it’s presence and feared that IT would grab their children. IT wanted to seek revenge and find victims to quench it’s bloody thirst, as promised long ago. One particular borough was the place for IT to find a home for vicious murderous crime. IT followed a path of destruction from a mental asylum and lived off the souls of the dead who disappeared and were later found buried in the surrounding woods beyond the asylum walls. IT was considered a monster that carried knives and chopping devices to hack and chop up little children and run back into the dark shadows. This was a story built around fear by people in the borough. They feared that they would become IT’s next victim and be hacked to death but they soon found out it was their children IT wanted, their children IT would take in vengeance. The hospital was surrounded by farmland and it lodged the most severe mentally ill and even the staff feared many of the inhabitants. The doctors knew the place smelled of disease and death and believed that the ones who passed away came back to haunt the halls within this dark and decaying hospital for the insane. IT was a name conjured up by people who feared that if given the chance IT would find them alone and kill them as brutally as it did the children.

As the years passed, many of the patients disappeared into the darkness and were never found again. Their bodies were most likely dismembered and placed in swamps and quicksand and other places yet undiscovered by police. Some of the borough’s people even stretched their stories of shadows running in the woods naked and screaming in fear before disappearing into the fog that hung over the huge weeping willow trees that were in abundance around the asylum. Devil worship was on the mind of many as signs were found in the woods that led people to become even more petrified to enter. Folklore was prominent in the area and people had a lot of fear and respect for the old people who were very wise and studied the history of their grandparents and their grandparents and so on and so on right down the family tree. So the story goes that IT was a runaway boy from the hospital, captured by the townspeople and tortured and disfigured in the tunnels connecting to the woods. In agony, IT vowed revenge on every person alive and then that it would be back to take away their children and curse the borough forever more. IT was from the maze of tunnels far below the woods where it would hide and plan its many killings. People would often hear blood curdling cries at night from not too far away and feel the children’s presence in its captured manic grip. The woods gave up children buried so deep that the police had great difficulty recovering the remains. Children kept disappearing and many people reported seeing ghostly figures leading the children into the woods where they would never be seen again. Sharon was a girl who went missing and when her body was discovered by authorities. It was hacked and sawed into a hundred pieces and stuffed into a suitcase in plastic baggies.

The borough cried for justice and wanted to surround the woods and force IT out of its hiding places. Could they ever find IT or would IT continue to come out at night and hunt for the children? They knew when they started to dig in the woods, only God knew what they would find there. IT was a nightmare and demon that had to be caught and destroyed. In the basement of the mental asylum, stories were told about people being placed in ovens alive and their ashes scattered all over the woods to pacify IT and protect the doctors and nurses from any harm. Committing these sacrifices would appease IT’s thirst and taste for the blood of children for a little while but IT wanted to carry out what it had promised the ancestors of long ago. IT would make them pay severely. Over time, IT would become an urban legend and be feared forever by the people of the borough. Then the town once again erupted when another little girl disappeared. She was a joyful and loving eight-year-old named Angie. She was also mentally disabled. The police had no clues from anyone and no evidence that would lead them to where she might be found. She simply vanished into the night never to be seen again. Child after child disappeared over the next 10 years and very few bodies were found. They seem to vanish mysteriously leaving no trace. So far, fifteen children have gone missing without a clue left about what happened. People’s nerves are frayed and they are keeping their children close to their side and making sure they are brought indoors before nightfall in fear of losing them to IT. IT was now considered to be a demon that came and went as it pleased and never showed its form to any living person. The asylum had a reputation for keeping the most severely mentally ill behind its walls.

No one knows what truly went on behind the doors of the hospital. When investigated, the asylum was always alerted beforehand and ready for townspeople to sneak around the grounds to try to spy on the doctors and nurses. IT hid carefully under the ground, in the tunnels and the swamps. IT came out to snatch the children when it was thirsty for flesh and blood. More victims were added to the police search and mapped out and names circulated among the towns people. As much as the children were protected there were still disappearances occurring in the night. IT was now feared just like Jack the Ripper of White Chapel was in his time. Both are monsters committing atrocious crimes and murder. The murders were beyond explanation or reason, those only a devious monster could do. They both stalked victims to hack and dismember and leave people fearful for their lives. Locking themselves behind doors and fearing to walk the streets at night the people were coming apart and praying for help. IT was never to be found but to this day, children are discovered in the woods, their cries heard like haunting echoes smothered by asylum walls.

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  1. I’m thrilled to see you take this step, Vincent. I take it from your comment on FB that you haven’t written short stories before? With you creativity in poetry I think you will have a lot to offer, and what a great way to start by adding this module. You know I write horror, so this is right up my alley. I can’t wait to see more.

    • Well Wayne I have written a few but I’ve never made them my main genre. Although lately I have been doing some reviewing of my smaller stories, so I thought I would give it a try. Most of what I will attempt will lean towards melancholia, mystery, sorrow and some horror.

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