Madness of the Night








Madness of the Night- Alien Encounter

It was pouring rain as Sharon and Tom stood sopping wet in the chill of the night waiting for a car or truck to come by so they could hitch a ride back to Pincher Creek Arkansas. They knew they would be picked up if they tried hitching on the highway and no sooner had they both stuck their thumbs out to try and flag someone down a big 18 wheeler came to a screeching stop just ahead of them. The trailer lights were blinking on and off a signal that they should walk up to the cab and speak to the driver.

When they got to the front of the truck the passenger side window slowly slid down. Tom climbed up the steps over the fuel tank to peak through the open window and start a conversation with the truck driver. What starred back was something that shook him to his very core and he started shaking violently as two long arms reached out to grab his head and pull him through the window. As he struggled to get free his head was violently ripped off from his body and the blood squirted uncontrollably from the artery’s in his neck.

Sharon started screaming and yelling for help and she ran away from the truck only glancing back to witness the blood and flesh being torn to pieces by what looked like a man beast with reptilian features. It appeared to have a very large head with pointed ears and eyes that shone blood red in the dark. It snorted like a bull as it flung the remains of Tom against the side of the rig and on the highway asphalt. This man beast stomped and squashed the rest of Tom’s torso. Sharon continued running and not looking back, she was traumatized and shaking so badly she kept falling down as she ran, getting up and running harder and harder in fear for her own life.


Sharon came across an old abandoned house off the highway and ran inside to hopefully find a hiding place from this monster. She found a door which led her to the basement of this old house, there was a trap door covered over with dirt she pulled it up and squeezed herself between the dirt floor and the trap door. No sooner had she done this when she heard footsteps upstairs. The basement door opened and a bright light shone from the reflection of what appeared to be a very huge figure standing in the doorway. Sharon was squinting through a crack in the trap door to the upper basement steps that led down to the basement.

What felt like eternity soon turned into a fear beyond words for Sharon? Her mouth was so dry from it and her head so sore from the veins pressing against her skin. She just wanted to be killed and end this nightmare. She had nothing more to live for now, Tom was dead and she would be the next victim. She just wanted it to end quickly and get the suffering over with. Although first this beast would have to find her and drag her out for the killing.

Sharon took another look to try to actually see what this thing was that was stalking her and if there was any possibility of escape from it. As she pressed her left eye to the crack there was a huge red eye looking right back at her and suddenly the trap door was ripped off its hinges and thrown across the basement. There above her was this frightening monster half beast and half man. It had the stature of a man but the body was covered in reptilian skin and muscle bulged from its chest and arms. Long pointed fingers attached to these muscled hairy arms and the stench of this beast man was sickening.

This beast now looked down at Sharon as her shivering body lady crouched as tight in a corner as she could possibly be, her hands and nails digging into the dirt as if trying to claw her way through the basement floor. All of a sudden this horrible beast stood erect and its ears like a bat’s stood straight up to listen to something only it could hear. Silently and right before her eyes he began to change the shape of his body into that of a human form and as Sharon watched she could not believe what she was seeing. Almost translucent like he took on this new shape of a man his face had black lines like a cracked vase and his eyes were totally black with dark shadows under his lids. His arms and shoulders very muscular with lots of hair all in the right places.

When the transformation was complete he offered his hand to Sharon to hold it and pull herself from the damp and dirty floor. She reached out still very afraid that this was a trick and that it would still be the monster within and kill her on the spot she stood. Instead it helped her from the pit and as he did he slowly undressed her for his eyes to examine her shape and features of a woman. It walked around her and prodded gently her naked parts and again it moved its head as if to listen intently to a distant voice.

Sharon was frozen in fear with her naked body exposed to this thing and not knowing its intentions she tried to cover her private parts while it watched with curious bright eyes. Then as if to say he had seen enough he walked towards her and with both his hands he placed them on both ears and suddenly Sharon’s mind was tuned to his. He gently led her in her nakedness up the basement stairs and into the darkness of the night. They walked together through the woods and found the truck and trailers still parked alongside the road and he came to a stop at the back door of the trailer.

He opens the latch holding both doors tight and slowly flung open the trailer doors to a cold rushing air in their faces. Inside this trailer were tall solid blocks of ice and inside each block of at least 50 of them were naked female humans. Sharon looked but seemed to understand what the beast man was telling her though silent from words she listened to his mind. Then he pushed her up into the cold trailer and walked her to the front to find an empty shell of block formed ice and moved her body upright into standing position and with a wave of his hand the ice shield began to form until Sharon was frozen solid like all the rest.

It closed the trailer doors in complete darkness and looked to the starlit sky for a sign for its people to place the beam from its ship directly over top of the trailer and as he watched the box was lifted into a circular shaped vessel and within seconds it was gone from the sky. It was now time for the beast man to leave and wander the earth to find more female humans to repopulate his world of half beast half human intelligence of the galaxy.


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