Catastrophic Endings


Free up their souls to share with

us the truths of how man tried to

save the world, from destruction

and self elimination.


They were ordered by a simple

piece of written information,

placed in a drawer of confusion.


The spirits within surfaced from

the deep, a thousand fathoms down,

below the murky sea.


Burnt and mesmerized man would

caress destruction, and total

catastrophic endings.


Fallout shelters were ready,

as the nuclear bomb crept

closer to the eleventh hour.


Missiles ready to be launched

by revolutionary demigods bent

on threats of war, and ending the

world as they knew it then.


Super power top-secret cargo,

stowed in cigar-shaped machines

that patrolled and circled its prey,

seeking to ignite and explode

its top load.


Commanders were on the high seas,

issuing commands and orders,

controlling the keys that would

unleash Armageddon, with the

twist of a hand.


The world stood still as echoes

could be heard of babies crying

in their cradles, as the blast

blew across the earth and

all was lost.


The secrets no longer hidden

and man became dust in the wind

of time, as the nuclear dust settled

contaminating the crust killing all

living things.


God help us all.


© Copyright Vincent Moore 2012. All Rights Reserved.




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