Thin Walls


She screams he listens,

the words are painful and bitter.

He yells back you bitch why me?

I hate you and you hate me, so why

are we together in this pain of heartache.


Why? She yells back, because we are

meant for each other, nobody else

would endure the  abuse we spill

on each other, that’s why

we feed off this  misery.


You are me, and I am you and we

would be alone and displaced

without each others scorn and

abuse in our life.


It’s quiet now he slapped her

and she slapped him, and then

they wiped each others tears

and hugged.


How sad, yet how many do this

nightly and stay together

waiting for the next explosion

that jealousy has created.


My walls are thick but yet this

night they are as thin as cellophane

absorbing their pain with 

intrusions of the night.


© Copyright Vincent Moore 2013. All Rights Reserved.




In low murmurs and sensual pleasures,

she intrigues me each night, my headboard

listens, my earplugs taken out as she

captivates me with each deep throat

squirming her sensuality.


Her mate is quiet yet diligent to please,

a pillow could he take and place over her

mouth to quiet her excitement?


I think not so, it’s her nature to let it loose,

the thrill and excitement of being caressed

in private places, her lips and mouth rosy

red from the thrust of erotic pleasures.


With hips that swing and move to the

music that moves them both without a

thought of thin walls, and who lays there

with deep thoughts.


My sleep each night broken from dreams,

yet to be climaxed to the sound of orgasms

through tissue walls, and excited to the cold

spring water that waits my parched throat.


After all there is only so much a pair of ears

can partake, of grueling sexual pleasures born

by two young lovers of the night.


© Copyright Vincent Moore 2013. All Rights Reserved.



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