By Myself

Edgar A Poe

Like a blemished rose among the thorns
so attached to its petals boldly coloured
red and bled for all who touches close
its green leaf and folds within.

The gods so loyal to its clamor on yonder
like a familiar ring romance will bend
their bows and cupids let fly their painted
flights and hearts await the thrust deep
within their waiting hearts.

So finely tuned from Heaven itself love
forever cries from uncaring skies and
delight with each passing hour a spirit
will fling itself upon the earth entering
and opening up any broken heart with
romances trembling string.

At mother’s birth, I’ve been alone
and for a home with siblings six we
mixed our feelings through the thick
of moral decay and sorrow often
a common thing.

All I loved and lost awoken me to
reality of a stormy life of turbulent
sadness and pain with depths of
torrents gushing rain washing
over my tiny soul.

From the top I saw the cross of
my Mount Royal through the mist
hanging over my city without pity
as it passed me flying by so high
while lightening cracked and the
sky opened up revealing hope.

I became bound to the tints of
colors lifted by the rising sun
and knew that Heaven was real
while my demons watched bending
on their knees to ask forgiveness
for the wrongs inflicted on this boy.

Who dwell ed in lonely places often
silenced by an entity hidden in his
life and throughout his home?

© Copyright 2013 by Vincent Moore. All rights reserved



By Myself — 4 Comments

    • Thank you Phyllis for your kind words about this piece. I’ve always found that being by myself has often opened my soul and allowed my Muse to enter and move me to pen.

    • Thank you Dim, its been a long road, I left behind many tears back then as a boy and teen. Yet my struggles have not been in vain, my Muse has gifted me with the inspiration to share from my soul, so others may benefit from possibly a healing of their own inflictions and wounds they carry or bare. I pray all mothers and children will escape from abuse and the culprits be brought to justice for the crimes of humanity.

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