Placid Shades of Blue


I hear the rain dancing on my roof

and know it’s time for me to lay my

pen to rest and walk the night streets

of placid shades of blue.

Wrap my trench around a soul with

my fedora resting tipped slightly to the

front to catch the rain that beats upon

its brim and lick a droplet to feel its

wetness on my tongue.

I step into the night to dream of capturing

in flight the elusive blue butterfly of the rain

forest and let it work its magic healing power

on my wretched body wracked with pain

and suffering.

Slowly I walk the quiet streets so dimly lit

by lights of misty grey feeling the warmth

of knowing who I am and what I was and

now prepare to welcome death as it approaches

my front door.

Stepping into a shelter I pull a crumpled weed

from my vested pocket and find a match to strike

and light and suck the smoke deep as I cough it

to my lungs and feel relief for a pittance in time.

Walking and thinking of the yesterdays where two

hearts beat as one my Irish lass of long ago danced

with me in meadows of sweet-smelling musk touched

by angels trying to chase the eagle as it flew with

our loins in heat we lost the chase and laid

ourselves down.

The dark casts shadows on the boardwalk as the rain

dances in the wind while sliding against a shivering

moonlit night I see my reflection in the rain, misery

takes me back to better days when writing was my life,

my hand slips shaking into my trench to palm the

whiskey flask and bring it to my lips.

I swig the fire it provides to heat and take away the chill

from my bones wiping my lips with the back of my

hand while staring out to sea.

The lighthouse in the distance with its beacon light

so bright leading mighty ships to safety as they struggle

in the pounding reefs offshore for many a ship have

found their grave in the belly of the deep.

While sailors songs can still be heard through the crashing

waves against the shore I know my life is ending now as

I walk through rains and storm towards my door of paled blue.


© Copyright 2012 by Vincent Moore. All rights reserved

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