A Bird on the Wire








She was a child from a shore

of turbulent sea as the waves

crashed around her and

wounded her to the core.


Misunderstood yet ripe for the

picking by unjust and cruel

man’s touching hands this soul

fought back abuse and lived

to tell a story for every abused

woman and child.


Her scorn on man yet forgiven

she lived her life in fear that he

would reappear and touch her

soul once more.


She grew to a fine woman and

mother and lived once more

through the torment of man

and fought for her womanhood

and freedom to breathe and be

a good wife and not be torn

from children she adored.


Abuse of any kind is not tolerated

by angry words so wisely chosen

to prick like a thorn and try to

still the heart of the bird in nest

and quiet her song forever more.


Her wings clipped yet not broken

she flies away one final flight to

her freedom in the air and her

chicks stay close to her

ruffled breast.


Onward and upwards they soar

among the brave and the slings

and arrows brought on to pierce

their hearts are lifted by forces

unknown yet the breath of life

caresses them as they spread

their wings to heaven bound.


Challenges face this mother friend

to all and yet she is trying to be

stilled and mocked for being

truthful by baring her very soul

and trusting heart to men who

would bury her in the quagmire

of self-doubt and unworthiness.


Oh how I long for saner days

and understanding hearts not

to be challenged with every

word I stroke for revealing

truths that haunt me still while

all the time growing and

learning that life can be cruel

yet only we can help

ourselves to crawl from

the darkness of despair and

the marriage that

quicksand built upon.


Her dues are paid in full she

leaves abuse behind and

lands on solid ground no

more hiding behind a mask

of tortured soul her head

held high for all to see and

witness the crown she boldly

wears of freedom forever more.


© Copyright 2015 by Vincent Moore. All rights reserved

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