A Day Goes By

I know it’s boring but I have to share

it anyways.

A poet I am and have the ability

to feel sorrow and happy

for very little reason.

It could be that little old lady

pushing her life in a big box

store cart across the sad asphalt

that’s covered with lives

bitterness that rolls a tear down

my cheek.

I feel the cold on a cold night as

I do the sun’s warmth on my

skin like a warm heater.<

I have no real religion but feel spirits

playing around inside my soul

and wanting to find death.

I never consider death to be

a negative factor just an

introduction to a bigger

symphony and with a

decent philosophy.

So with all this in mind I feel

good most of the time.

setbacks come and go along

with tragedies and mood

swings that may change me

from time to time.

So unmoved I am with life

yet never can forget, but oh yes,

forgive a bitter depressed and

angry woman. Her life spent

and void of good feelings

causing me to fall into the great

pit of the deep abyss.

Depression sets in occasionally

but heck I’m human and within

a wink of a twisted eye I become

sullen and lost.

I try and battle those demons of

lost love and family and leave

that dark shit to stir and stink

behind me, yet for some odd

reason it follows me wherever I

go and floods my tired brain

before I go insane.

I awaken from a dream, a poet to

the people I am not, but wondering

what would Sylvia say?

© Copyright 2012 by Vincent Moore. All rights reserved


A Day Goes By — 12 Comments

  1. “I never consider death to be

    a negative factor just an

    introduction to a bigger

    symphony and with a

    decent philosophy.”

    Yeah… I can relate to this my friend.

    Hugggs… hope you’re doing okay 😉

    • Thank you my poetic friend and very happy that in some way you can relate to my words here. Hugs right back at ya, for sure this poet is doing just fine:-)

  2. Ah, my dear Vincent. . . one must let the mean-spirited ones stew in their own juices and realize that nothing wins like winning one’s own life in spite of all that. Death is part of life, but life is LIFE, and needs to proceed it. 🙂

    • You are absolutely correct my sweet friend. I just let my metaphors run wild in my mind from time to time. I am a winner, and thankful for friends from afar like yourself. Yes indeed death is part of life and I have no fear of it, and I truly am pressing on with my work and very happy with my readership. Hugs

  3. Sigh – that shit follows us all, Vincent – the difference is those that are aware of it – and shower frequently of it – and those that are unaware of it – and wallow!
    You are not a wallower – you are but a dipper!
    You are an amazing, healthy, well-adjusted man with the rare ability to see within and to expect more!
    Please don’t change – just continue evolving!

    • A dipper? Well I like your analogy:-) Healthy for now yes, well adjusted I would question that at times. LoL However your correct, I do see within and its what I see and feel that causes me to react as I do in my work. Oh my, no I won’t change, to late for that. I promise you that Vincent will keep evolving. Hugs

  4. This stirs up allsorts of feelings in me. Forgetting the bad that you have left behind is sometimes not easy. It kinda pops up now and then to try to drag you down. But you have conquered so much. You have reason to cheer everyday. I’m cheering for you now.

    • Veronica thank you for being in my corner to cheer for me, some days I really need it, most days I don’t. I have conquered many of my demons and am very happy to announce that to you my friend.

  5. Vincent ..Remember always that the cruelty and hatred thrown at us by others….is actually the debris & waste from their rotting heart and jealous mind. They foolishly believe that pushing the garbage onto someone else…..their world will be clean. They are painfully clueless that we share ONE world…..Miss you. Hugs, Paula

    • Oh my how so nice to see you here Paula, a dear friend and follower of my work when I was at Hubpages. I too miss you and others, sometimes I wonder why I ever left. I have gone back in under my Christian name Ken Snowdon but he does not have the following nor the comments on his work that Vincent had:-)) I am ready to remove him and maybe replace him with Vincent. Hugs You are correct in your judgement of others regarding the garbage, cruelty and hatred they puke on others. I lived through a few of those types, it affected me in many ways, but being the survivor I am was able to go on. As painful those memories linger in my soul, I will not be crushed, this poet will pen from it. Hugs to you dear Paula.

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