A Gloomy Day



3347763152_42634f8090_mWhen she was born it was

an awful day when neither star

nor moon shone, no thoughts so

pleasant did a voice sing. A young

mother wept knowing she would

lose this child tied to her umbilical cord.




This child so young herself shed

secret tears, knowing that this baby

would but slip away in time and leave

her scared and scarred this natal day.


A day remembered so long ago

as a father only in his nineteenth year

would shed his seed and leave behind

a weeping family so sad, yet he could

not hide, instead with haste he ran away

so wrapped up in his fears.


Oh sorrow did it bring on that

morning she found out that loss she

would so feel in the after glow as child

and mother would be forever separated

by a scalpel cold as steel.


The season was not hers; this child’s bow

or colors would it neither have, nor crib to

rock beside and hear her mother’s tender voice.

Nor feel her mother’s bosom as her heart

beat and the nipple fed.


Was a night of lust yet a child was planted

for a future lost without a mother or a fathers

love or guiding hands.


Let me cry out this night for the sake of

all children who have been lost in

orphanages and not a mention given,

nor a thought or care from young mothers

who sadly leave a child behind without?

a thought and feel forevermore the

presence of this lost child and its despair.


© Copyright Vincent Moore 2013. All Rights Reserved.




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