A Promise Kept


crying angelStupefied by the shock of discovery, totally surprised, yet calm and hoping for recovery.

As in a dream or a trance, she tried to frame and expression of thanks, her lips chapped and dry from tears that soaked them, she held a single rose in her hand.

At first glance you couldn’t tell or see the anguish that she felt; when strength and reason had come back to her she was a new person now, no longer her old self.

She felt the mild summer breeze on her cheek, like a new day, as the ambrosial scent of roses lingered in her room, all alone she felt, yet his hand all the while resting on her shoulder.

She could not fix her thoughts upon feeling of loss or abandonment; instead she found herself listening to the birds outside her window in the trees, knowing that he fed them and would take care of her needs.

Suddenly her heart quickened as in the distance she could hear the ghostlike voice like the sound of a bell gently whisper to her from the church steeple tolling to her ear.

Fear not for I am with you always and passionately without regret you must always recall with assurance and faith just how lovely and full of health you have been, so do not let melancholy own you my child.

Although you will feel days of dread and foreboding, they too will pass, your spirit will find peace, contentment will be yours and suffering will end, for I am carrying you through heavens gate.

© Copyright 2015 by Vincent Moore. All rights reserved

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