A Son Is Taken


Solitary Sadness











A holiday shattered, a prison cell unwelcome, by a young man who only wanted a holiday in the sun. Injustice handed out, corruption and bribery given, money in return with hope for a fair trial, greasy palms, all are takers, police, lawyer and a judge on her holy throne.

A son is cuffed,

No one cares, simple boy, take him to the cell, throw him to the cold, cold floor and not a taste of freedom in the air, only stale nights, among the locals gathered there, curled up in shadowed darkness, lost, shivering and sighing, coughing and some crying out loud. Set me free, I’m innocent. No one cares, nobody listens to their pleas, guards are takers of these poor souls.

A son is tested,

No mercy given, pay me boy or no food or water for you today, cough your sadness and blood up to someone who cares, we don’t, not us, we are justice gone wrong, yet power given to rule and be cruel to you, we are the keepers of the keys.

A son is strong,

He lays there on the floor, keeping the faith, that mom and dad will set him free, the system knows how to bleed the foreigners, make them pay, crooked paths, the lawyers, police and judges all walk, they are soul mates, on the take, wanting nothing but more from this boy, a foreigner kidnapped for ransom, for simply being a tourist in a corrupt country.


A son at peace,

Listens to his heart and counting days and nights in solace, the stench, as piss, vomit and feces soak the cold concrete floor, the bars are rusted from sweat beads dripping from the dreads and banging heads and faces against their will. Nothing moves, the lock is set, the key in racist hands controlling minds with laughter through the night, no mercy for these souls. A boy prays alone.


A son released,

The high court corrupted to the core, takes the money sent and laughs in the faces of honest justice never given, let him go, get him gone, we’ve tested his soul and now can cast him out, we won, our country has stolen from the innocence again and again, and we won’t stop, the tourists will pay as we snatch the innocents and make them pay for their lost dream of a holiday in the Sun.

A son is stronger.


Vincent Moore 2017


A Son Is Taken — 12 Comments

    • It truly is my friend, puzzling that such a thing should happen. It warns one to be very careful where you tread and seek your holiday in the sun.

    • Many hearts were broken, this drama was real for too many, never thinking it could happen to you, justice gone wrong.Thank you Susan, so nice to see you here.

    • Thank you John, appreciate you coming for a visit and offering your thoughts. A real nightmare for a son, his freedom taken, his holiday shattered, a costly affair for many.

    • Thank you Dim, tis a sad truth, one must never think their safe in any country.A third world country can be very cruel with their unjust rules.

  1. This one certainly delivers all the high-quality I have come to expect from Vincent Moore. Wow! What a journey you have had and are still on and I have had the honor and satisfaction of watching you grow this talent like a gardener caressing the plants of his toil with loving hands. I know CC is looking down on you and smiling, saying “way to Vincent, way to go!” ~WB

  2. Thank you Wayne Brown for your poetic comments, a gardener indeed, I have much to sow yet and harvest before I sleep the deep sleep. It was a nightmare my friend, lived by a son and his loving friends and parents. Justice gone wrong, advantage taken, soul penetrated, a warning to others, don’t trust foreign countries, they will treat you poorly when kidnapped. He’s FREE thank God’s grace. Yes CC is awaiting his amigos, we sure raised some hell in the early years. Keep writing my talented scribe, your poetry ranks up there among the finest I’ve read. Peace and good healthy I send to you dear friend.

  3. Dear Vincent,

    Wow, what a story! How horrifying! But it can so easily be happening if you’re not street smart enough in a foreign country or your own country, for that matter. I feel so sorry for this lad and his parents. Such a sad story. Beautifully written as always, dear poet. I hope all is well with you.
    Sending hugs to you from Crete,

  4. Thank you dear Sannel for your kind comment. Unfortunately for me it was my son, he is still in shock and trauma what happened to him in Jamaica. He was visiting with his girlfriend for a wonderful soak in the sun vacation. That was cut short by seclusion in a jail cell for 7 days. I’m still working out details with the Canadian Embassy for this wrongful act in a foreign country. Yes indeed being street smart outside of your own country certainly helps. Otherwise my Swedish friend all is well with me and I pray the same for you. Greece on my bucket list, I would love to visit and explore and take in it’s beauty and history. Peace and love I send to you this day.

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