A Town Without Pity








For a boy who dreamed

like boys do of playing with

their trains and games and

hiding seek with friends.


Not lost as this boy was

his innocence so abused

and lost forever for being

just a boy in this town that

showed no pity

for a Boy,

who wanted to be loved?

protected by his parents

and shown the proper way of

loving and being loved.


But instead he was traded off

by so many people and used for

their own physical pleasures and

mind games of lies and deceit,

a child plucked from the vine

full blossom and ripe and told

by them it was the right thing

to please and smile and let be done to



The acts that soothed their vices

for a while and filled their carnal desires,

while putting in his sweating palms the silver

pieces to show him that they cared for

what he just gave up his dignity and

tenderness of youth unspoiled,

just knowing that he made them happy was

all he could feel but asking himself.


Why me Lord? for I am the innocent child broken

for their pleasures over me so should I

let myself be the aim of their desires for

always, or will they stop the touching and

caressing of my body and soul and set

me free to be just a boy with dreams

of playing with his trains and games and

hiding seek with his friends again.


His world is spinning out of control now

and the water is no longer shallow as he

slips beneath the murky darkness and

weeds entwine his legs and body as he

drifts into a world of wonderment and

light no longer feeling the caresses

from above or the dirt under his soul

that they left him with each time they

played their games and touched his

sadness and broken heart.


He is free now so clean finally

pure and running in the fields of lilies

and daffodils chasing the colorful kite

as it blows gently by the breath of God

who cleaned him up and gave back his

soul and righteousness,

this boy who dreamed of trains and games

and playing hiding seek with his friends

no longer in a town without any pity

But forever playing with the angels hiding but

seeking no longer for he is found and

saved by God’s grace.


© Copyright 2012 by Vincent Moore. All rights reserved


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