Alone In My Room




A Child Alone in his room










From childhood he always was alone and told

to speak only when spoken to and could not

bring his speech to blossom full nor form the

words his bosom ached to hear of love.


He could not take his fill of water from the well

for sorrow washed away his innocence and kept

him still beneath the pillow under head while

always alone he drew from stormy seas a life so

soulless quiet and still that only the mouse that

ran across his cracked floor would stop for

breath and watch him kill his love of boyhood

for the morrow.


From the mountains that he wished to climb

and like the rocky cliffs and tales of yore he

saw the greens and blues of summers last

spent and crushed under foot by hooves and

heavy wheels that turned only in his nightmares

held so closely to his charge.


From the heavens that opened up and shed

her shades of blue upon his soul he knew

that only dragons and demons held the clue

to his existence on this surface edge of

madness with a lightening speed of hue

and falling sand through hour glasses of

yesterdays gone by he watched his

boyhood slip away and into madness

forlorn and lost.


Less it be a dream within a dream as Poe

so penned fraught with misery sadness

and woe a boyhood life without an end

to melancholy strife and Abuse hidden

so deep within his room alone and lost

for want of love is all he asked no more

than that from whom would listen to

his plea alone is he and lost within his

dreams of misery all alone he waits

for life to reappear once more and

set the tone for mother’s love for her

boy so all alone in his room he weeps

but no one hears.


© Copyright Vincent Moore 2012. All Rights Reserved

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