Baby Blue











A baby sitting on its mother’s lap

feels life connected to a beating heart.

He heaves deep sighs, content with

each breath, looks up at this woman in

the yellow dress and with charcoal eyes,

not knowing who this angel is, yet

feeling the pulse of her heart, she

looks at him with sorrow in her eyes.


Mother shelters him in cradled arms

outstretched while rosy lips and

painted nose takes in his mother’s

love and rest.


Singing in his ear sweet lullabies

while pixie dust and teddy bears

surround his nest.


Only angels stoop to hear his mother’s

sweet caressing song to little boy blue

asleep in her arms.

His mother again will put her arms

around him to still any fears that he

may dream.


Conquering life’s future dark and lonely

nights yet for this time only his mother’s

love gently wraps love about him.

Throbbing love from deep within this

little boy against his mother’s breast so fair.


Later in life you will lay lonesome at night

and fear will be your companion, but for now

let my love embellish your furrowed brow

and I will gently kiss your tender sweet lips with

all the love a mother can give.


My gentle boy, my pride and joy, life awaits

you with all its wonders and mystery, now

sleep and dream of pirate kings and toy

things and frolic through the looking

glass awaiting you on the other side.

© Copyright 2012 by Vincent Moore. All rights reserved

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