Bachelors Scene

LaundrometHe dreamed a dream of a scene in his

laundry room basement. Wrapped in

lonely sheets and sorting out socks

and towels that nobody shared.


Blood stained and shrouded in

mystery like kneeling at his alter

like a choir boy groping for

mercy from his father.


Trampled and buried in silk shirts

that came out of his netted cursed

hamper. The coins jingled in his

pocket waiting to be dropped in

outer darkness while stains and

wrinkles abound in fiber piles

of soiled laundry.


Your eyes caught his as well as

your silky panties wrapped somehow

in his boxer shorts, how did they collide?

No soap suds could have moved them

that close without so blindly swooning

or being unloosed with love in the last

rinse or downpour.


Why he wondered does a laundry room

with machines gather and hang out among

such soiled garments before being wrung

and gnarled together like huggers on

a park bench.


This bachelor knows that every time

he ventures to the basement, his

mind-set  gropes blindly into his

treasures lying deep within his hamper

hoping nobody sees the dirt he carries

within his soul and tries his best to

remove all those jagged stains that

wear him thin.


A meeting place for hopeful tenants

walking their invisible pet, carrying

their dirty laundry with greater

expectations of possibly meeting

the affections without pretense.


© Copyright Vincent Moore 2013. All Rights Reserved.




Bachelors Scene — 12 Comments

  1. I love when you air your dirty laundry with us…you do it like no other can.

    Your site is a delight and I will visit as I can. Hugs, Maria

    • Thank you Maria for sharing my dirty soiled laundry with me, have we met in the laundry room? lol Thank you for the compliments on my site. Hugs

  2. Carrying our dirty laundry is part of our human existence, isn’t it? Perhaps this time, there will be a collision of souls in the laundry room and no one will mind how much is still in the netted bag. Love this!

    • Hi Alexandra nice to see you here with a clean load of laundry, have you lived here long? Have we met before? Do these belong to you? No not the thong, but those beautiful silk stylish ones. LOL ha ha, just kidding of course, I know that all things are possible in meeting places, one never knows the romance that lingers there waiting to be found. Thank you for your keen observation, I will go back to sorting mine out.

  3. I love this site, Vincent. It is like coming home to sit a spell by the fire and reading on a lazy and cozy afternoon. Oh, bye the way, remember you come out of the laundry room clean and fresh.

    • Thank you Phyllis for the compliment about my site. Yes I agree it’s cozy and warm in here. I have my library of work to showcase and read from time to time. Also The Gazebo to chat in, I am hoping to set up an events day and time to have visitors up to 10 come in and chat about poetry and styles and works in progress and just about anything else. I’m glad you liked my poem about a bachelor’s scene. The Laundry room has always been a place of fascination to me. lol

  4. This is such an innovative metaphor for, perhaps, finding romance among the mismatched socks and heavy towels. My laundry room is downstairs in my own house, so laundry day is, indeed, an ‘occasion’. Sorting upstairs to make the loads more prepared, carrying the baskets down (or dropping stuff over the upstairs balcony. hehe). Getting it all through the downstairs rooms to the utility room, doing the washing and drying, folding or hanging then carrying it all back upstairs. It’s quite a workout for this – ahem – mature lady! Would be nice if some frog prince hopped out to help with it. 😉 I’ve had only brief experience with the laundry at an apartment complex. No frog princes there, either. Maybe those types avoid laundry somehow. After all, if one poses as a frog most of the time, easy enough to hop off the lily pad and wash the froggy skin. The prince probably has a laundry maid to clean his laces and silks. I suppose princesses do, as well. . . .

    I enjoyed this foray into large appliances so much! Hugs.

    • Ha Ha my lady. This Frog Prince does his won laundry, no damsels in distress who want to come to his aid. Heck just going down to the laundry room from my 14th floor castle is a hoot. Never know who one is going to meet in the elevator, I think I wrote a poem about an elevator ride. lol Yes I can just see you know my poet, tossing your unementionables as they called them back in the olden days:-)) to your basement below, they swooping them up for the waiting machine to thrash them about in cold or hot water. If I was in Texas I would gladly hop over and give you a hand on laundry day. I would even carry your basket up and down from laundry room to upper level. We can fold together as we dream up a poem or two. LOl hugs.

  5. Thanks for airing your dirty laundry in public. I found this delightful and it made me smile when I thought of all the movies I’ve seen where the lonesome bachelor actually looks to meet someone in the laundry room of his building.

    • Thank you Rasma for sharing my laundry story with me. Yes one never know what or who we may find in the laundry room. It has its mystique for sure.

    • Glad to put a smile on your face my dear. Yes that mysterious laundry room, what would I do without the excitement in my bachelor life living. lol

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