Birthday Toast










I was brought into this world by a mother

who loved me with a passion that only a

son could understand.


A mother who coddled protected and

cherished with a deep loving soul like

only a mother could.



This child of a home in turmoil felt the

anguish and pain of abuse yet someone bigger

than me was in control that protected and

watched over my tiny soul.


I fought in the streets where I was raised

up to defend my father’s name and honor

with lots of pain. A father who left me to

fend for myself and face the humiliation

of being his son.


A diamond in the rough-looking to be

found and given a chance before the mean

streets took full control of my life.


An angel came forward and flew from

the heavens to lift this boy up and place

me under his wings.


A savior dragging me gently from hell

this mortal man a father I never had who

guided and mentored me and taught me

how to love and respect showed me the

importance of people and how were all

connected in life’s struggles.


It wasn’t easy for me as I fell a few times

and wandered from the mark, yet he was

steadfast and always there to set me

back on course.


An angel he was and friend for a father

replacement with so much hope for his

student and son he never was blessed with.


Disappointment I never gave him and

loved him for saving me from myself and

the mean streets of hell.


So I lift up a glass to myself and to my

saving Angel as tears fall and remembrance

respected to a man who made me who I am

He passed to the other side of living and I

know he looks down from the big library in

the sky with a gentle smile of gladness for

who I have become.


I miss you my friend, brother and father

and thank you for the many birthdays we

spent together and one day will tip our

glasses again with the sweet nectar from the vine.


Happy birthday Vincent you’ve made it down

the long and winding road and survived yet

the thicket of thorns, you now can smell

and taste the rose’s sweet scent of

human kindness forevermore.


© Copyright Vincent Moore 2010. All Rights Reserved.





Birthday Toast — 10 Comments

  1. Vincent my dear.. I am so glad you mad it down the long and winding road so I an read your wonderful poetry.. It blesses my heart to read of your life and struggles and laughter and sorrow because you write it in such a way that grabs a heart and soul and speaks volumes of warmth and love and life.. Many blessings to you one of the greatest poets I know

    • Debbie I am so happy to read your words, they inspire me. As like you I pen from my heart and soul. Although my work is mostly melancholy or sorrow, yours uplifts my heart with the beauty you radiate in your work. Keep blessing us with your gifts as they are so uplifting my poet. Hugs

    • So am I my poet, so am I. It’s been a long tough road, but I endured and am living proof of survival from abuse and the streets. Thank you for commenting. Hugs.

  2. My friend – you were SO lucky to have had that angel enter your life when he did! He MADE you…SAVED you – without a doubt, and yet – there was no rhyme or reason for him to do so (excuse
    we had much the same upbringing – as far as it sucking, and – my ‘savior’ was a talent for gymnastics..
    i FAR prefer yours, but – i appreciate what i was given!
    with love alwaysxx

    • Yes Leslie I was very lucky indeed, a lad that needed a real dad. GDW did indeed save me from the mean streets and poor choices I was about to make at those very tender young years in my life. His rhyme or reason was two fold he wanted to find a son that he never had, he was blessed with two beautifully wonderfully talented daughters but not a son. Yes it sounds like you and I may have shared some common turmoil and traumatic family problems as children and teens. I am happy that your savior was gymnastics, that certainly would have cleared your head and helped get through whatever abuse you were pressed under at home. I often ran away to get far out of the sight and sounds of my explosive household. Demons resided there. Hugs

  3. Oh if that angel had not lifted you up….Where would we be? Where would you be? Thankfully you pulled yoursef up by your bootstraps and with the help of your angel made it to become the wonderful man and poet that you are today

    • Yes he was my savior indeed, a boy lost at 15 and found by a father I needed desperately to guide me. He did that and more, he left me a legacy of himself, his values, his teachings. I am the benefactor of them today, it was a struggle but I finally reached the level I needed to be to bury my demons, now all I have to do is write about them and they vanish.

  4. I’m so grateful for your guardian angel but also for your inner strength that you were born with. Not only did you make it though the struggles and hardship, but you made it with flying colors. You’ve become a most wonderful and gifted poet, a true gentleman, and a beautiful friend.

    I know it’s your birthday today, Vincent so I toast you on this very special day! May you be rewarded with all the joys that life has to offer. A kindhearted and beautiful person like you deserves to be happy always! Happy birthday, dear friend!

    • Oh dear Sannell I am so thankful for friends like you, the inner light shines from your heart and soul and reflects into mine. I feel such a peace when you come by. Yes I have struggled in my life and thankful to have survived some brutal times as a boy and teen. My gifts only came to me recently, a Muse found me lingering in melancholy and chose to enter and gifting me with verse. My stories are released mostly in prose form, nonetheless they are released and that has helped with my sanity. I thank my creator for people like you, who enter my life to lift me up and get me through stormy and restless nights. Peace and love I send to you my dear, how I wish I had met someone like you in my life to love. You still have so much of it to give. Hugs

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