Black Cat from Hell


black catAre they witches in disguise

sent from hell to antagonize

people, and show to them

the depth of misery from within

our dampened spirits on earth.


There shiny black coat there to

bear witness of their intent to

scare us from our arrogant perch

on high of assumed mortality.


Once having occasion to

befriend a black cat without fear

he chose to ignore my futile attempts

to be kind and gentle by stroking

this green-eyed phantom of the parlor


he flicked his head left and right

with dignity given only to a queen

I knew not what would befall the

misgiving of a man who lusted for

revenge upon this demon of fur and


I was his victim in the parlor that night

my blood ran hot and cold for the

arrogance this cat was showing me

I wanted to place my hands around

it’s scrawny neck and squeezes its breath

from its body away from here to the

cellar where it belonged to fetch the

rats and place

its fang upon their throats not mine.


I sipped more wine in my tormented

state of mind and conjured up more

deviant things to do to this phantom of

the parlor.  While  coyly he plotted

revenge upon my intoxicated state

and found a way to brew its witches

potion for my demise.


© Copyright 2012 by Vincent Moore. All rights reserved





Black Cat from Hell — 2 Comments

    • Thank you Patty, being a fan of EAP his story of the meeting with a black cat inspired me to create my own twist. Poe was a genius in his interpretations of so many things. The black cat has always been related to back luck or evil of some form, I have a Tabby named Toby, even he has some black cat traits in his personality;-))

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