Bliss In the Abyss

Bliss In the Abyss








She met me half way into the abyss,

we both sunk deeper and deeper,

knowing it was a time of restlessness

and uncertainties.


Our fingers touched, as we drifted

extended into lost souls of the deep,

twisting and turning in the abyss

as we went further and further down,

neither knew we were just dreamers

in a world of confusion and uncertainty.


She wove her net to capture me and

devour my love into hers, how could that

happen to a heart that was broken with

delusion, a heart that held secrets, not

caring and no soul.


Would we be a match, or are we fools

drenched with sweat from the past that

means nothing, the plunge is sweet,

the future uncertain, we met, we swam,

we fell in love.


It’s all meaningless Karma,

we cried with the Sirens of the deep

to be together, to care for each other

till the end, to give us a chance to live

and die together in each others arms.


© Copyright 2009 by Vincent Moore. All rights reserved

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