Breathing You



Breathing You

Breathing You










Come to me my love

My loins are burning for thee

Like hot embers in my hearth

I’ll forget you not as the flame

Flickers in both our hearts.


I cannot see your face,

only feel your breath

upon my soul and my heart

searches the darkness

open to the night rain

like the lilies of Casablanca.


Lust has fallen before us and

the rain is fast approaching

Our hope is renewed and

this night is ours for the taking

each moment spent with you

is better than the last.


You take my breath into your own

and hold my fragrance in your hand

Seeking sweeter, fiercer nectar

I am lost in you.


So let the fire in our souls take

Control and pave the way as

our lust takes sway I long to

have you in the rain once more.


swimming in your dusk and dreams

unlacing where my body ends

and yours begins

my hunger rises.


You come to me naked under

A robe of blue and slowly

I untie the ribbon and watch

your jet black hair flow down

your tender neck.


You tease me with the whisper

of night shadows on my skin

and the rain no longer soft

plays across your chest

drumming through your valleys.

like Tlaloc’s jewels untouched

until my thirst can wait no longer.


with my hands on your shoulders

Pulling you closer to me.


Drinking deep from your wells

lighting fires on your hilltops.


Feeling the motion, I have so slowly

Placed between our tender kisses as

The rain soaks and pours on us

Heated bodies in bliss while the

Heavens open up and angels cry

For love of this the kiss that sends

Our bodies a tingling with delight.


Your scent transforms me sweetly

heavy as lava deep within the sea

pouring like honey from secret

caves hidden far below.


We are lost in each other as our

Love thickens and drips like the

Rain falling on hearts of promise.


I feel you tremble like the earth

and tear apart in tender madness

my touch is yours

my mouth is yours

my breath is yours.


We are drawn together two lovers

In the night our touch feeling

Soft and hot I taste your sweet love

For me between your thighs and

Know that I have found my way

Like a ship guided by the light

I’m safely docked in your harbor.


© Copyright  by Vincent Moore and Alexandra Lucas. All rights reserved




Breathing You — 6 Comments

  1. It needed a woman’s touch and Alexandra obliged with her talented stanzas. It’s am emotion that both sexes can intimately possess.I was happy that she offered her talent to my work.Thank you Amy for your rating, the photo is pretty HOT too. lol

  2. Forget about the girl….I WANT YOU!! My word Vincent, I think this may well be your finest writing yet! Please excuse my silliness but at least I had the stones to say so! The ladies are squirming uneasily and nervously fussing with their hair…

    Ok, settle down folks…I’m happily married yet this ‘sizzle’ prompts me to consider hopping the fence, nes pas?! 😉

  3. I know you must be referring to my bathroom lady on top, not wanting her? How can any man not want such a beauty, I sure as heck would. Now, wanting me, that’s a horse of a different color:-)) but I know what you mean my talented friend. Ladies squirming uneasily, I believe they would be, I would for that matter after reading this sizzle. Hoping the fence, now that could be interesting? lol BTW when you scroll to the bottom, remember this poem was written by two authors and the other was a lovely SHE by the name of Alexandra Lucas, so she must receive as much credit as I. After all, it takes TWO to Tango creating this kind of sizzle, wouldn’t you agree Don. Thank you for your sizzling comment, I like that you have the Stones to speak your mind. Much apprecited:-)

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