Bring In The Jesters

Bring In The Clowns

Bring In The Jesters

Thus said the King for merriment

and laughter is froth with amusing

antics and grease placed on faces

hidden with happiness and sorrow

does up lift our courts of jester’s

sardonic laughter.


For tragedy and comedy faces

belong on the stage and clowns

lurk beyond the far reaching

pews of the holy priesthoods

flock of noble attire.


They demand deliverance from

ego manic depression and whoring

forgiveness for being good stewards

and following liars of royalty bed



Whilst brushing their elbows at stately

gatherings amongst the pied pipers pipe

as they follow one another like diseased

rats to their slaughter.


Bring in the clowns and let them light

up the palace with bright colors and

foolhardy laughter while the King taunts

his Queen and whispers conspiracy

theories in her ear so tenderly attached

to her artistically made up face and

pampered bee hived wig so stiffly

erected on her shallow composure.


Running behind the throne in mockery

are the clowns so foolish are they

risking their heads to roll for being

who they are such fool hardy fellows

for pieces of eight they give up their

status as gentlemen demoted to clown

status and mocked by the hordes of

squire’s duke’s princes and paupers alike.


Yet everyone needs laughter in their

lives and a clown will fill the bill and

spill their energy or else feel the wrath

of the King and forever be vanquished

from the jester’s court to run amuck

with the friar tuck and drink of mead

wine and pale ale while greasing

their faces no more.


So bring in the clowns and let them

frown with their smiles turned upside

down but should they dare to be

caught with such sad looks on their



No more will they enter the Kings

court for to frown is a clown’s

misfortune and last days in the

presence of all the assembly as

shouts ring out let their heads roll

whilst laughter echoes from the

poet’s hall as they take quill in

hand to pen the sadness of

being a clown.

Bring in the clown’s?


© Copyright 2012 by Vincent Moore. All rights reserved

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