I sit and sip my coffee, taking in the

scenery of life, as it passes by in front

of where I key my verse from the wi-fi

given freely, as a patron of their



My first visitor passing by is an old

man pushing a cart, with his neatly stacked

treasure trove of pearls, found in the local

bin he tore through, all the while wearing

a grin, and eating leftovers thrown out by

fattened purses rung in from local



A few pigeons hover over my head,

and  bold enough they land between my legs

expecting some bread crumbs from my muffin

they spied from above with perfect eye, they

honed me in before bravely daring to become

my friend.


I toss them a few morsels of delights, trying

not to frighten them to flight as they rest awhile

and peck away in perfect rhythm to the buskers

now in ear shot outside the merchant’s rooms,

where they begin to throng with open cases for

donations from the locals ,who start to gather

to listen to their songs.


Sweet melodies, some current and some of

days gone by, I listen as my coffee is refilled

and my feathered friends continue pecking at

their sweet delights, the music begins to fill

the air with sounds of guitar plucking and

smooth lips puckering on the brass tip of a

horn with voices singing in harmony, like

an angel choir breaking through the blue

sky so given on this day.


The crowds are gathering in numbers, tossing

coins and paper bills into their cases laying

open neath their feet and begging to be filled,

and thus they play throughout the day never

tiring of entertaining their flock


The doors are locked by merchants for the day

and buskers smile and tip their cases and slowly

walk away, and slip into the shadows whence

they came and know they will be back again

at break of dawn, to entertain again this poet

who lingers in his thoughts with pigeons

and his free wi-fi.

Copyright Vincent Moore 2012. All Rights Reserved


Buskers — 4 Comments

    • Thank you Veronica, I love buskers and the many talented people who demonstrate their art for us viewers on the streets throughout our beautiful world. I remember the Pearly Queens in London when I was there is 64 I got a thrill from their work as well.

  1. I really like this one Vincent. We have a lot of little outside cafes and deli’s around here, and this piece made me feel like I was there. Sometimes it’s also a good place to go and get your muse. At least it’s refreshing and gives your mind a good recharge. Very nice job. I like the way you branched out a little from your normon this one showing that vast range you possess. Keep up the good work!

    • Thank you Wayne, yes to get out, sit at a cafe, watch the people, one can certainly find inspiration to pen their thoughts. I often in the summer month like to do just that. I can just imagine how many wonderful shops you must have in Florida. Yes this is not my norm, but I enjoyed diverting from the melancholy for a tad:-)

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