Candle Light










I wrote a spell into the

night as the wax dripped

down my candle light, and

felled upon my writing tablet

leaving a splash of ink so still,

reflecting a man, who held

his feathered quill so tight in

deep thought, and heavy brow

to tell a story about a soul of

long ago and what he

had become.


A warrior from the past, who

found a life of solitude and

loneliness of pain, with sorrows,

he chased the elusive rainbow

trying to find the pot of gold

at rainbows end, yet it hid from

view never to show to him the truth

of why he was here, and where he

would end his search for meaning.


This poet writes of life experiences

and sometimes loses himself in despair,

wanting of another reason to keep

his quill dipped in the black shadows of

elusiveness and turmoil.



his anger flares up when he is lost for

words and wants to rip his heart out on

pages that lay before him like a mirror of

white emptiness, and passions lost time.


He cries out with a whimper, and buries his

head in his hands for want of another verse

to materialize before his blurred vision of

brain cells not connected to his pen hand

he wallows, and squirms, lost in despair

praying that his thoughts will give up

a verse of passion love and merriment for

all to take into their souls, and feel filled for

having read this poet’s works of sacrifice

and time spent through the nights,

of burnt wicks, candle wax flame,

and stale night air.


This poet now rests his weary soul knowing

that the ink has dried and black has turned to

verse, and helped another reach deep into their

souls to ease their pain and sufferings to find

the strength to lift their heads, and open eyes to

see and feel the healing power of the suns rays.


On their faces as their feet touch the floor of life

and allows them one more day of great peace

thank fullness and joy in their hearts, uncertain

of the future but caring not as time takes care

of its subjects, and changes for no mans desires.


© Copyright Vincent Moore 2011. All Rights Reserved.



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