Our Carefree Youth



I remember when bazooka gum

tasted so good and Popeye

was my favorite sailor man,

spinach green stuck in my gum

and made me gag, all fed

by mom.


Eating peanut butter and jelly

sandwiches for lunch while

walking down tiled school

halls with flapping shoes

wrapped in tape.


Britches holding up my leather

knee pants with tartan stockings

falling to the ground as I ran.


School fights with black eyes from

the punches taken, awful sore shins

and bruises from all the kicking I

was given,

Oh but times they were a changing.


Kissing the girls and running away

was so much fun as being caught for

pulling her braided hair to dip in the

well of ink on our marked up school

desks, of splintered hearts, cupid

arrows and love you Peggy Sue.

Oh but times they were a changing


At teen dances we crossed the floor

asking for a dance to hold her

tight and feel her pointed bra

touch both our hearts, throbbing

chests, shouldered heads, while

lingering and drifting through

each others fantasies.


Smoking a fag and hiding from

parents who watched with hidden

eyes to surprise and scold us

with a smack on the backside of

our heads.

Oh but times they were a changing


Fast cars and motorcycles

chrome and painted to attract

the girls to take them for a ride

to the creek for skinny dipping on

sultry hot days melted by the sun

while hot tongues licked cold fudge

sundaes cooling down our

anxious youth.

Oh but times they were a changing



© Copyright Vincent Moore 2013. All Rights Reserved.



Our Carefree Youth — 4 Comments

  1. Ah, Vincent. This poem brought back memories on so many levels. Me and my brother were the only ones with motorcycles, and man did the girls love them. You had everything in this piece…I could smell, taste, feel, hear, and see the surroundings and imagery you provided. Thank you for sharing a walk down memory lane with me. *Wayne

    • Your very welcome Wayne. Yes indeed I had a blast on my motorcycles and then my first car was a 56 Chevy Belaire, hard top, cream and red. Boy those were the days, dancing, kissing, playing, riding, tasting, fighting, it seemed to never end. Fireworks everyday, full of exciting fun.

  2. Aww. . .Those were the days, my friend! I remember painfully having my long braided hair or ponytails constantly being tugged by the boys. I’m surprised having any hair left at all. . .Lol! The pointed bra was before my time, but wearing a bra at all, was just so cool! 🙂 It meant one thing, I was finally grown up! (Yeah, right!! )
    I love this trip down memory lane, Vincent! Thank you for bringing back some fond memories to me.
    Love and hugs,

    • Thank you dear friend for joining me and sharing your memories as well. A trip down memory lane certainly feels good doesn’t it. Hugs back to you my dear Sannel.

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