Captura de pantalla 2014-09-29 a la(s) 19.57.58My daughter, it was many a long year ago when my seed was planted in love and set free to give you the breath of life and lead you through the many forks in your life’s journey that finally led you back to me.

So many years have passed us by, yet clearly for a reason an angel guided you back to a father who often wandered in his own thoughts about a first born daughter travelling through time, with the hope of finding her, my beautiful lost daughter Carrie.

But many wiser led you through life not alone, but in fair company, parents who raised and cherished you my beautiful baby. They nurtured and cared for you sweet child, claiming you as theirs for eternity.

A child of the Universe you were taught by your elders to always be free, to stand up for the underdog and fight always for liberty.

A loving mother taught you to give back, surrender yourself to helping those less fortunate in third world countries.

A father showed you how to take the pictures of life and turn them into things of such beauty.

In deep meditation you sit here contemplating what to pen as a feather from heaven fell onto your page and left a mark, a gift from your mother now an angel with her full set of wings.

You both loved with no other thought, mother and daughter children of the sea, her reflective glow now rests upon your soul, my dearest first born daughter Carrie.

The yearning from my heart left empty all these years led our souls back to one another, our genes meshed in so many things, our features with so much resemblance, our poetic hearts, and our love for art and humanities fragility.

So as you sit with pen in hand, the verse will come easily, the angels will guide from on high, the feather rests gently, ever so softly on your mind, your mother sits with you, guiding your hand. Knowing all is right as she led you back to me.

Savor the glowing moment, the fire’s warmth, it’s flickering flame reaching into your spirit, let the gentle waves lap at the shore and the sirens from the sea guide your soul from deep so deep under the sea my beautiful, beautiful Carrie.

© Copyright 2014 by Vincent Moore. All rights reserved


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  1. Vincent and Carrie… Thank you both for allowing us into your lives, sharing the emotions of closing the gap of many years. Vincent having to come to know you over the years has put a face to the words penned here. They have brought tears of joy to this writer today, hold tight to the heart the Father above, as He has given you a special gift, always share from the heart as you do… Carrie we have come to love you through your fathers words, may this fill you with the joy we all share of being reunited again…

    • Oh Rolly I am so moved by your words, yes indeed finally meeting after all these long lost years. She has become a friend a daughter and link in my life that is badly needed, knowing I have no relationship with 3 of my five children, her and Matt my youngest are the only two, I am very thankful for that. Carrie is so much like me, she is a poet herself and a very kind and loving person like me. I am so very very happy to have her in my life.

    • Thank you Dim, we are so very happy to have found each other. We have much sharing and getting to know each to do. I am happier than I’ve been in the past 14 years.

  2. This is a thing of great beauty and intimacy dear Vincent. My heart is warmed by your having found each other after so many years, it will give hope to others too.

    Now that you have found each other again, hang on with all your might and be happy in each other’s loving company. <3

    • Oh Joe I thank you so very much for your kindest of words. I am delighted that Carrie found me, I never knew she was searching for her biological parents, well she found me, now we have much father and daughter things to catch up on. It will take time, but we are going at it very slowly. She also has a 5 year old daughter, which makes her my first one and only grandchild, so a double bonus for us both.

  3. Oh, Vincent,the words you have penned here are so beautiful. This moved me to tears and warmth to my heart. I’m so, so happy that you and your first born found each other again. You are one of the kindest, sweetest loving people that I’ve met, and you, my dear friend, deserves all the love and happiness life can bring. The love and admiration you have for your daughter shows clearly here in your writing. A beautiful tribute, to your beautiful Carrie, my friend.
    Love and hugs,

    • Well thank you very much for your sentiments for me and Carrie discovering each other, it was her diligent efforts of searching that finally led to me, I knew that one day this may come and it did. I am so very happy it did, she is a wonderful lady, fine mother and outgoing personality. She thrives on the outdoors as you do Sannell, although she is not in Sweden, her mountains are very steep as well. She loves hiking and camping as well as surfing. She too loves all things artistic. She takes after her old man, ha ha. I love her dearly as well as my new grandaughter. We are very happy sharing our lives, doing it slowly, however definitely sharing. Hugs to you my sweet Swede.


    My dearest Dad, In the spirit of the highest realm this is a Christmas Gift of miracles.No object of tangible material endings could break the twine,Nor interest, but only guide the beginning of spirit forward into a new path.We are now an ocean of discovery born from seeking the truth. Our natural wonderment found the power of our antidote, the alchemy of pure universal love as reflected back …one love the love of father and daughter.

    I am humbled in gratitude in the name of divine intervention to find you after so many years of wondering where you may be. Pondering the universe ,searching asking the angels to guide me to you.As I set my intention year after year putting my heart in the hands of fate and here I find you my wonderful Father. The pains of life the pathways we took and the irony of the same country we call home. Never too far away from the blood line of two souls intertwined yet.. dis placed.Regardless,no matter,family always comes home… that are so alike us.

    Reading your poem here I sat weeping in joyful emotion reflecting my life and now here meeting you.We have missed time together but we can now give one another the greatest gift of being here in the now and offer our undivided attention The gift of what is truly forever remembered in life…. the gift of (presence) from the heart.

    Merry Christmas dearest Dad
    Love Carrie and Maya Rose your gran daughter.

    • My dearest first born daughter, I had to savor and digest this beautiful response to my poem I penned and dedicated to you. No doubt the spirits are at work, they have bound to us both and through some channel rested upon us. I truly feel our Muses are twins, they reached out and found you and I through the Universe. Too many things can’t be explained, many coincidences have fallen in our path. Your love of travel, fitness, healthy living, Italy, Yorkshire England and writing. Little did we know that our search would end 46 years hence. My soul was ready to receive you and without hesitation I accepted the invitation and allowed the door to be opened. You and I have much to discover, share and discuss. Time has unfolded before our very eyes, my genes flow heavily in your blood. Not only is there such a physical resemblance, but our thirst for knowledge and writing excites me.The poem you offered above captured me by surprise, I did not expect one back. Yet knowing you are a poet as well, yours skills with the words chosen moved me so. Thank you Carrie for entering my life, I feel rewarded now for much pain of loss that had fallen upon me the past 14 years. I pray that this reunion may stimulate your half siblings to open their closed doors as well. Big hugs reach out from me to you and Maya my grandaughter.

    • Thank you Patty for your kind words. Yes we are both extremely happy to have found one another after such a long period of time 46 years. It just shows that the Universe works in it’s own time. Lots of love to you too Patty.

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