Chemistry of Fear


Chemistry of Fear









Stillness broke as a sound echoed

through the trees, it was a blood

curdling scream of pain and anger deep

within the soul, the cave was nearby

 and the smell was so thick you could

 almost feel it hanging in the air.


The Moon was full and with the

dark night as cover, it moved among

the trees leaving a shadow of itself

the fear in our hearts made us shiver

as we curled up in a heap of shredded

leaves we found on the forest floor.


It was that hour when no one should

be lurking about, but here the story

begins as the beast is let loose. it

roams the woods ever so hungry

for blood of man, its hunger.


Its soul is only quenched by

devouring and drinking from the

vessels that pulsate from fear,

it wreaks havoc on the souls

who dare venture out to the

challenge and recklessness of

their wanderings.


How many nights of torture

will the beast within allow

itself to be mocked, like the

humped back it is, mentally

challenged and abused by its

own hands.


Moving through the underbrush

we find the cave and our torches

are lit, the entrance is strong with

the scent of the beast, the fear is

cutting us like a knife, we calm our

breath and enter the darkness.


Our torches reflect back to us a thing

of repulsiveness, as it curls in the corner

eating and chewing the torso

of a fallen victim, it’s piercing bloodshot

eyes now dart to the entrance and a

loud growl of anger comes from its bloodied

mouth ,as it drops the remains to the ground.


It moves towards us, we freeze and we

draw our knives, it leaps and its flesh

is pierced as it agonized in pain we stab

it again and again as blood rushes from

it’s smashed throat and gurgles forth

we watch in horror as the beast is

transformed back to the man who was

known to us as Mr. Smith our chemistry



Sadly we leave the cave and the presence

of a great man, how sad he looked with

wasted flesh, what was his reasons to

transform from teacher to beast.


We leave never to return to the cave

of horror, science class has been cancelled.


© Copyright Vincent Moore 2012. All Rights Reserved.




Chemistry of Fear — 2 Comments

    • How true my poet, to fear death is but to fear rebirth. We are all born to die like every other living creature that walks, slithers, swims or blossoms, they to will die and re-cycle.

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