Crevices in my Mind

Crevices In My Mind











Only to be found between twilight

and dusk as the shadows creep in,

and the hollows and crevices widen,

while the circuits are electrified

distracted by nerve endings,

and thoughts that every poet cries

out for from their own isolation,

and loneliness within.


Oh to be free of the gray matter for

a spell, let me wander through the

lavender meadows of time, searching

for peace, love and endings.


Let the criers of the night chase

another, leaving me in peace.

Bolt the doors, latch the sash,

dim the wick and hide the



Feed my medications

to the rats that chew at my bed

posts, let me dream of better

times from my past.


My archives are buried in

my mind, the crevices so deep

and scarred from probing deep

in those recesses.


Their tentacles reach out trying

to strangle my inspiration, but my

Muse won’t allow it. These are lost

crevices in my mind waiting to be

discovered by the poet.


© Copyright Vincent Moore 2013. All Rights Reserved.



Crevices in my Mind — 7 Comments

  1. Great muse my friend. That gray matter definitely has a way of possessing your every thought, dangling you like a marionette on its strings. But at least it gives you insights and expression like this one to share with the world.

    • Yes on a daily basis we all have things that fall in our path, some of them we can capture and place into poetic verse. I believe it’s all about passion, feeling and alertness. Keeping an open mind about life and our surroundings, then placing them in some kind of artistic form, such as you do with both your paintings and verse. People like to see others peoples emotions, it helps with theirs.

    • Thank you for your kind words Cecelia Grant-Peters, they come to me from deep places. Peace and blessings I send to you this day.

  2. Thank you Nellieanna for your keen observation as always. Words often are not our masters, for many of us we struggle in search of them.

  3. I can feel your mind always ticking over in this piece, with a rapid association of thought, where you delve into the unconscious to find the riches you write about what lays hidden in ‘Pandora’s box,’ and then turn it back into consciousness so that your audience may have the privilege of knowing your truth… well done my friend!

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