My Dead Zone



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Surrounds me all the while when

I lost your sweet smile so many years ago.

I waited for you in my dreams night after

night, you haunted them waiting for me to find you.


I thought I found you, but then the mist absorbed

you leaving me for good, never to appear before me again.

Oh how divine and sweet it was to have you for a spell,

our hearts beating as one while the night stood still as

the moon wept.


I loved you so much,  today my heart is torn and void

of love, for hardness has invaded my shell and left me

like a rock dry in the desert and kicked aside.


Thunder and lighting hang between the dark clouds

where torrents of rain pour over me and charged I

am with energy that only gods can receive.

I am lost forever in the past.


Oh my Muse please release me from my hell

and set my soul free or bury me so deep, so my

ashes will not disturb  any forms of life that

live above me. I am in the dead zone of my life,

disturbed, lost and tired of living.


May I find peace some day in your sweet folding

wing that covers me and protects my soul from

falling into the great Abyss below.


© Copyright Vincent Moore 2012. All Rights Reserved

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