Cast its ugliness upon him while

he lingers under a spell that it

put upon his defeated darkened

soul, he hates himself for being

lost in coma, by a trauma sent

from  hell.


Will he ever awaken from his

twisted past and find a shining

lamp to lead the way to safety

and open a door of hope that

won’t close so firmly in his face

with each attempt he makes to

raise himself up.


He finds himself inside his mirrored

reflection, his beautiful mind, that

once was clear and brilliant but now

fogged up by the swirling mist, hugging

the shoreline waiting to be lifted by

the tides rolling in from a

mermaid’s breath.


Once he lived and loved and found

a life worth living , the music, 

wine and beauty of the women were

forever present for this man who

now is bent and tormented with

a mind so confused and burnt,

slowly going mad.


Alone at night he tears his life in

strips of colored pieces tainted by

the shame of being born with

potential, yet not given that

spoon of silver, or gold but

stabbed with knife so deep

his wounds to bare.


© Copyright Vincent Moore 2012. All Rights Reserved.



Depression — 12 Comments

    • Yes I saw your first posting, Z and wondered, did my posting make you fall to sleep and you were telling me that with a Zzzzzzzzzz ha ha.. Yes only the depressed know first hand how depressing our lives can be, I don’t suffer with it much, a little yes indeed, however I am thankful that I can usually shake it off pretty quickly. I know the seriously depressed can’t do so, it’s a horrible disease for sure.

    • Thank you Jessica Sweeney for your visit to my site and to my words. Yes depression is an ugly thing, it comes and goes as it pleases, leaving some of us a total wreck, I am fortunate to suffer with it from time to time, it helps with my writings, however the wreckage it leaves is painful. The door opens and closes on many of us.

  1. Yes indeed my friend, I’ve not suffered with it all of my life, it’s mostly been since my divorce 17 years ago. I’ve recovered though and live a simple life now. On occasion I have my mood swings, remembering the losses I sustained. But all in all life is good now. Hugs

  2. Difficult to read the pain and anguish that comes with depression and at times wonder if I too suffer its ravages though to a much lesser extent. That is fuels or ‘inspires’ your writing is a blessing in that in some way hopefully it helps to ease the intensity of its linger and also helps others who confront it often themselves.

    Be well and in better spirits always my friend. Cheers.

    • Thank you Don for your comment. Depression lingers with me from time to time. My life hasn’t been full for a long time, I lost part of my soul when I lost my marriage and children 17 years ago. It’s hard to recover, you lose a piece of self and struggle with that loss. I don’t wish depression on anyone. My spirits are in tact, they work together to pen me through my remaining life.

    • Thank you dear Ruby for your very kind words. Agony of depression, yes that it is, many of us agonize over it. I know I will never be alone, only hope that it doesn’t stay with me for too long, fortunately, it doesn’t stay long. I hope my words will continue to be an inspiration to those of us who suffer with it, but know that we too can be loved. Peace and hugs my friend, keep writing your poetry too, yours work is also moving and brilliant.

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