Diamonds In The Rough



We cried hiding under tables while

blood was poured, and tortured

parents fought the past, and puke

on each others values

and birthrights.


While alcohol poisoned their minds,

and disregard for crying children

naked, and always caught in between

the cracks of time, forever lost with

aching hearts for simple love.


Some days were diamond many

days were stone.


Hard times we shared, the cold

winds blew their fiery frost

through our home of discontent,

and bitter hell of loneliness,

like ghosts we were not seen,

or heard, but fear swept

through the halls of mirrors,

reflecting back to scared

children from their world

gone wrong.


Some days were diamond many

days were stone


Today I reflect back on those

hard times and often wonder

where it all went wrong,

as the cold wind blows a chill

through my bones,

remembering abuse suffered

under the hands of someone we

trusted, haunts me every day.


Some days were diamond many

days were stone


Continue Lord to give me the

strength each day to forgive,

but never forget, but share

my stories to help bring a victim

to the light and help them

get their spirit back to love

and trust again.


To find the warmth and kindness

in your blanket of hope, and light

that shines for all people, and

offers forgiveness for their

sins they cast upon our world.


Some days were diamond many

days were stone


I forgave, but will never forget,

as another cold chill ran up my spine,

with reminders of blemished days gone by

so long ago.


© Copyright Vincent Moore 2012. All Rights Reserved.


Diamonds In The Rough — 2 Comments

  1. We all have days of diamonds and days of stone from our past… You and I share some very similar experiences my dear poet. Feel free to reach out to me if you ever want to talk. Huggggs

    • Dear Roxi, a few of us share similar upbringing experiences and all lived to survive the brutality of our youth. Some carry deep scars both physical and emotional, some simply hide within their shells and to themselves, loners and afraid to share. I have lived quite a life of ups and downs, now I am a solitary man, recluse in many ways, yet get out and enjoy the small pleasures I have. A small circle of close friends are all we need to comfort and boost us up. The rest is up to us. I choose to travel the path alone.

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