Beyond the Door



Beyond the Door










Entering the void into the dark

of another lonely night he cry’s,

cutting through the darkness of

evil that awaits him to hold his

hand and guide him.


His feet find footings yet does he

retreat from the dark, or move

forward with fear in his heart,

while his soul passes through

his mind losing sense of time

space and reality, as the thin

air lingers.


This tomb appeared before him,

as the doors shut loudly in his ear

and angel’s heads appeared to be

mocking him in   fear, with

cold alabaster faces.


Trying to catch his breath in thin

air that beckoned him into the

shelter of the grave, he felt life

begin to leave for a spell to

dwell elsewhere among tired souls.


Widows caressed their brows and

gave their last kiss of death,

burying the key that opened

and closed the door for evermore.


The angel said in gentle voice,

why pause or wonder why you

are here, when the doors have

closed and left you cold and

lonely for the nights

beckoning whispers.


Door of death is your journey’s

end, let them open in and

release all the anger within and

come forth, gently close behind

you and let the next enter with

sorrow to the graves bitter song.


So lay in silence awaiting with

folded arms, whilst the wind

and tide of destiny awaits you

under moonlit night and deep

within light your spirit to

freedom from your shallow



Rejoice for now you are released

and poets await your verse and

song, deep the chasms of your

burnt out soul a song can be heard,

you sung so long ago on mother’s

breast so white as snow, your

first breath set aglow upon the earth.


Let this door close on a life that was

not meant to be so misdirected,

through eternity it will live on for

cherubs await thee to hear your

song and weep no more, the pain is gone.


My door of life closed twice yet before

it’s close should I see the parting of

Heaven’s door or enter all I need

to know of Hell.


© Copyright Vincent Moore 2012. All Rights Reserved

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